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Can’t login to my account

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I’m trying to login to my account but constantly get a message saying: there are technical issues please try later. I’ve tried using different devices, both my email addresses and using the link to access my account, and all I get is the same message. Any help would be appreciated.

thanks, Simon


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Hi Simonch 


For TalkTalk MailPlus customers the inability to sign in to the MailPlus MyAccount is a known issue.


You don't need to access MyAccount for an email password change. The Reset your password now button in the help article  Changing your email password will take you to password reset and recovery. Scan your devices to detect and remove any password grabbing virus, trojan or other malware.

If the email address is still active on the TalkTalk Mail platform and you have set up password recovery options, in advance, that you recognise from the *****hints, then you can send your alternate email address a link or your mobile a 6-digit code to authorise a password reset.


Let us know if that gets you back in control. 


Tip: If the email account has been compromised, the password recovery may have been reset by the hacker so if that's the case then post in the email forum and we'll get your email account recovered for you.

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