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Contract Renewal

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My current Broadband contract ends on the 6th February. I received an email on the 30th December to move onto a new matching contract which I did the next day by following the link and accepting the new contract but I haven't heard anything since.


If I log in to My Account and go to Package and Upgrades and then to the Broadband tab, there's nothing there. I can only add Unlimited Calls and SuperSafe Security Boost.


Please help.





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Thank you for the link. I will contact them using live chat tomorrow.


Many thanks.


Community Star
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It'll help if you can clarify what package you were on and what you thought you were moving to, @Fries.


By now your new package should be showing clearly in My Account. 


The quickest way to find out what is happening should be to try to reach Chat, if the package is still not showing. 


Open 9am till 9pm on weekdays:

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.