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Dear TalkTalk team, 

Find the attached files for my account number and all. 
Please tell me that, new package cost per month for fibre 65 (file attached) showing 23.50 pound, then why it's 27.27 pound per month for me (file attached). Waiting for your reply... 
Thank you



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@Arne-TalkTalk looks like another one that was eventually and correctly applied and not rounded up by an odd 1p


It happened to me too.

Support Team
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Hi Neetasatwaji


We sent an Email to you on the 29th March advising of the annual increase, in your case £2.28.


Sorry you missed it.

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I think Martin's spot on the money here as it's the best answer I've seen to an original £25/m price being £27.27/m currently.  It's still a discount on the full price.  Good calculation Martin.


New customer offer prices do change from time to time, as Martin says, and are discounted from the full £29.95 price as shown here:  Our pricing


And as G suggests there is the option of asking the Loyalty team for a penalty free renewal in the last 90 days of contract so anytime from 25 September this year (in just over 4 months' time) you'll be able to request a new contract at the same, or better price for loyalty, as that offered to new customers this September.

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@Neetasatwaji, @martswain is correct about the CPI-related price rise - you should have received an email advising you that it was pending a month before. 


Phone 03451 720088 or use Chat if you need that clarified.


If you renew within the last 90 days of a contract there should not be an admin charge. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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@Neetasatwaji I think I have a good guess what has happened.


When you took out your contract it was at £25.


The annual price rise of (CPI + 3.7%) = 9.1% has been applied in April as per the Ts and Cs which changed last year.


£25 x 1.091 = £27.27


Forget about the new price offered at £23.50, TT do not automatically move customers to the best deal and if you did recontract at that price you would be liable to a £30 mid contract change fee.

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Hi Neetasatwaji 


Over the weekend, feel free to chat to Martin about your package as Martin is a long standing and knowledgeable member offering to help.


I've moved your personal details (screenshots) out of this topic and into your hidden images folder. Best not to reveal personal details to the world.


TalkTalk Support will resume their help from Monday onwards.


Prepare for TalkTalk Support - include in the Community Profile (not in these public posts):

Account holder name, TalkTalk home 'phone number

Alternative mobile contact number. Full address with postcode (in the Location box)

Scroll down to Private notes to add the customer email address and account number

Check and Save changes

Select here: Update your profile


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@Neetasatwaji  check you itemised bill in your online account, it is all fully itemised there.


What is your actual contracted monthly price, click View My Package ?


Have you made any phone calls ?


If you have the calls boost, has a call gone over 60 minutes and become chargeable ?


Please edit your post and remove the picture showing your account and phone numbers.


Put them in your community profile.