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Neflix Charge been added to my account and i wasnt notified

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Had an email for my upcoming month's charges and I've been charged for a netflix subscription that I haven't signed up for and do not want. Tried to talk to online chat and they told me I had to renew my contract for them to change this which is rediculous as I took out an 18 month contract in October 2020. I need to get this resolved ASAP as I do not have the funds for this extra bill and don't know how its got on my account. I want my contract end date to stay the same and do not want to renew my contract just want to not pay for a netflix subscription that I didn't even sign up for. 


Thanks for any help given




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Hi @Arne-TalkTalk 


Thanks for the reply but I have sorted the issue now earlier this week via telephone. The 'contract renewal' was made by a rediculous 1 click upgrade email which I did not realise I had even pressed on. Maybe to find out more info on the offer then disregard it.


Support Team
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Hi @Nathanw1994


Your contract was renewed on the 9th December 2021 and Netflix appears to be part of that deal, the renewal looks like it made online via My Account. 


You would have received a confirmation email on the 10th. 


Does anyone else have access to your My Account?