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Renew Contract

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I received notifcation that my contract was due for renewal . When I checked my account the contract I was offered for Fibre 65 was for 24 months with my add ons  of TT TV £4 reduced to £2 , and Unlimited UK Calls £16 reduced to £8  for 18 months . This means that for the last 6 months I will be paying an extra £10 pm .I checked the site to see if I could change the Fibre 65 to 18mths but there appeared to be no option but renew . My Order number is N87111476 .  Later I was checking other sites and found TT was offering 18 mth contracts for Fibre 65 . I phoned but was told that my order could not be changed but after 30 days the person I spoke to would phone me back and change it at no charge . I just wanted to check if the information I was given was correct as I feel charging an extra £60 is a con 


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Hi @mitch88


I can confirm that there are notes on your account advising a call will be made, the admin fee will be waived 



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They set up the main contract @ £x for 18 months or £y for 24 etc, and it seems it can only be changed after a 30 day minimum period.


Boosts etc are often for a different limited period, which is why these seem to have to be renegotiated after 18 months.


One way or another, it's a pain if the deals don't synchronise.  Do hold them to the promise of no admin charge if you change to an 18 month contract after 30 days.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.