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Saw Contract to Completion — Why Am I Being Asked to Return Router?

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I have been with TalkTalk for many years and have had several contracts with you.  The last contract was for 24 months, ending on 25/11/2021.  In spite of it being a Fixed Price contract and TalkTalk choosing to break that by increasing the price on 8th April, I stuck with you.  I finally changed provider because I felt the price had climbed too steeply, particularly the Anytime Calls Boost.  I changed provider on 6/12/2021, after my contract had completed.


Prior conversations with TalkTalk's agents led me to believe that if I saw out my contract, then all the equipment would be mine.  However, I am now being asked to return the WiFi Hub that was sent to me at the start of the last contract.  I do not wish to return the WiFi Hub as I still have a use for it, and I do not wish to incur any financial penalties for failing to do so.  


Please would you confirm that the WiFi Hub was mine to keep given that I saw out my contract?  If it is mine to keep, as previously being informed, why are you asking me to return it?


Thank you.


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Hi cnwheeler,


Apologies for the delay.


Is the router you're referring to the only router provided by us, or is this a replacement router?





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Thanks for your reply, @Gliwmaeden2 .  I looked at section 7 and it says:



7.2  All such necessary equipment will be owned by us apart from the following equipment which you will own: (a)  any router, mesh networking device, set top box and/or digital voice adapter that we send you as part of a new service with us


My last contract was a new Fibre service.  It wasn't a renewal of an existing service.  The WiFi Hub was supplied at the start of that contract to provide this new service.  Therefore, the WiFi Hub, as stated in 7.2, is clearly mine. 


TalkTalk, please confirm that you will not charge me when I fail to send you this item of my property as I am still using it.  The subject of the email I was sent was "put what you don't need to good use" and there was no mention of fines for failing to send you the WiFi Hub.  I do have an old Netgear DG834G kicking about that you can have.  I'll happily stick that in the returns bag, if you want.


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This past year they have been very fussy about this, @Anonymous.


Take a look at section 7 of the Ts&Cs (link at the foot of any TT page).


It seems they are literally applying this rule to all new equipment given out with newer contracts. The Ts&Cs only refer to a new "service". We've asked for clarification, and that's now long overdue, as the issue has cropped up frequently this year.


If you are required to return it, keep a track of it in the post etc.


Their sorting system for recording receipt of these leaves a lot to be desired. Basically keep proof of sending. 


Look out for a reply from TT staff  - this can take a few days. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.