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TalkTalk want to make price increases inside the 18 month contract agreement?

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Dear TalkTalk,

I'm 2/3rds through my 18 month contract, TalkTalk now want to charge me for Unlimited UK Calls I signed up for as a free service as part of the 18 month Contract. Has this been sent to me in error?

> Below is an extract of an offer I signed up for in May 2021, note the bold text.

By clicking above, you will be choosing a new Fibre 65 Fixed Price Plus Plan for £27.00 a month for 18 months on a new contract with no set-up fee. Your monthly price for Fibre 65 will be fixed for the entire length of your contract. Once your contract has ended your price will increase each year in April by the Consumer Price Index rate of inflation. Unlimited UK Calls Boost free for the entire length of the 18 month contract, £14 per month thereafter. .....


> Today I receive an e-mail 'News about your service' extract below:

Changes to your Unlimited UK Calls Boost

The price of your Unlimited UK Calls Boost is going up by £2 a month. But rest assured you can still call friends and family on all standard UK landlines and mobiles all day, every day. You can talk for up to 60 minutes on each call before being charged at the standard rate. If you'd like to talk for longer, just hang up and redial before you reach 60 minutes*......


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The free offer will continue as agreed, the notification is going to all customers and does not take account of any discounts which may be in place.