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What's happened to my Fibre 35 plan?

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I've posted this twice so far without it showing up anywhere due to me assuming that
having come from my Talk Talk account and being signed in there I wouldn't need to
create a whole new account for this community. You'd think I would have been told this
before I was able to post anything, but there you go.


Anyway, here goes again:----

Hi. Is there anyone here who can tell me what is going on with my account?


The story so far:-


On the 26th Febuary I receive an email from Talk Talk telling me that my 'Faster Fibre
Line Rental' contract, which I had been paying £24.95 a month for, was coming to an end
on the 23rd March and that I had three options.


1. Do nothing and stay with the existing service at the new price of £31.95 per month.


2. Upgrade to faster products such as 'FTTP 150 and Line Rental' at £32.00 for 18 months.




3. Move to new matching 'Fibre 35 and Line Rental' at £23.50 per month for 18 months.


Since I live alone and consider myself a light user of the internet, I opt for the
3rd option by clicking on the link in the email. This takes me to two webpages
where I confirm my choice and get told that I will receive a confirmation email within
10 days detailing my plan, monthly price and contract length.


I take screenshots of these pages just in case there are any issues. (Which it now seems
there are.)


By April I hadn't heard anything from Talk Talk about my new plan and could see
from my recent bill that I was still on their 'Faster Fibre' contract but now being
charged £34.86 for it. So I decide to phone them to find out what's going on?


After a forty minute wait, the advisor I eventually speak to sounds like a trainee, as
he himself seems uncertain about what's going on and even tries to blame me at one point
for not switching contracts earlier. Although when I remind him that the email I received on
the 26th Febuary said my contract wasn't ending until 23rd of March, and I had responded
and chosen the 'Fibre 35' plan on the 3rd of March, he backs off on this.


He eventually tells me that my line is due to be upgraded to Full Fibre and that the
changes to my contract should come through after this. I tell him I don't know anything
about this as Talk Talk have not contacted me as they said they would, and when I signed
up for Fibre 35 there was no information on the website about this. At least not on the
pages I was taken to.


The call ends with me saying I will be keeping an eye on things as something doesn't
sound right about this. I have a definite feeling of being fobbed off after this call.


So, on the 21st April I finally get an email from Talk Talk telling me that their
rollout of Future Fibre is happening nationwide and that an Openreach
engineer has been booked to visit me on the 4th May to install it in my home.


There is still no mention of the 'Fibre 35' contract I have signed up for, but I still
assume this will happen after my line has been upgraded.


The upgrade goes ahead as planned on the 4th May and I now get speeds in the region of
60mbps whereas before I was getting speeds of about 30mbps.


But here's the thing. I have had two bills since then, both of which still show I
am on the 'Faster Fibre and Line rental' contract at £34.86 a month. No mention at all about
the 'Fibre 35 and Line rental' at £23.50 a month I signed up for and still no word at all
from Talk Talk about it.


Anyway, I would be grateful if someone here could look into this for me.


Sorry if this post is a bit long winded, but I needed to check out the details for myself
and wanted to tell it as it was in case something got lost in summarizing it.






Account number: REMOVED


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Will do Arne. Thanks.


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Hi Arne, thanks for the reply. As I said I had the full fibre installed on the 4th of May. It was just the billing I was concerned about as I had definitely signed up for the Fibre 35 plan via Talk Talks website and that hasn't been showing up on my bills at all. Strange that it hasn't gone through as you said, as I have screenshots of the confirmation pages here and all seemed well.


Anyway, I've had a hectic day at work today and right now could do with a lie down in a darkened room so I'm going to leave that call till tomorrow.


Thanks again and bye for now.


John Mc


Support Team
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Hi jdmc0707


I have checked and the renewal  order didn't go through its shows as failed,  so you will need to call us on  03451720088 full fibre is available to your address 


Apologies for any inconvenience caused.


Community Star
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Moving this to the billing section for you, @jdmc0707.


Your thread will be in the queue for attention. 


Very important that you do not post any personal information details on the public forum pages.



Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.