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What a waste of time this forum is.


Should be YapYap, not TalkTalk. It’s pretty obvious that the router that this company supply is not up to scratch. 

Replying to Debbie,or whatever her name is, is quite frankly a waste of time. As I’ve said previously, the only way I have got over the failings of the HG633 router is to plug a TP link 5G extender into it. It’s gonna cost you £100 though for the privilege of doing so.


Roll on 18 months.  Then I can leave TT then get some decent broadband from elsewhere.



Enlightened One

What a waste of time pointless rants like this are!

Being offensive to the OCE's is not helpful. They do their very best sometimes under very difficult circumstances. I have always found them to be helpful, courteous and surprisingly patient. It is the best way by far to get support when needed. Debbie has successfully helped me on several occasions, over many years of being a TT customer.


If you have a technical issue with your router, why not just calmly describe it in detail. With rant mode set firmly to OFF!

Clearly an awful lot of folks do happily use that router so it must work for them.


If you dislike that router so much, there's nothing to stop you buying your preferred router yourself and installing it.





Community Team

Hi tony-,


I'm sorry to hear that you're unhappy with the routers performance but I can see that Keith offered you some assistance on your other thread


(thanks for your comments Peter :))





Well, Peter certainly didn’t.  Oh’s started to snow...

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Hi Tony I was having same problems with the 2 Talk Talk supplied routers and could not get my wifi signal (stable) to reach my smart tv in living room and when I got it connected youtube was all laggy. 


I made several posts slating both routers Talk Talk supply then I tried a bunch of routers and all of them was same thing dodgey wifi :P so I knew it was not the Talk Talk supplied router.


The problem I was having was caused by my smart tv not buffering youtube videos as when I use netflix or now TV box there is no lag or cutting out. Also I had my main pcs network settings set to not use QoS. This coupled with the fact we use several mobile phones here 2.4ghz and 5ghz) just made the wifi lag and drop out when watch youtube on smart tv but youtube works on every phone and pc :P


Like I said above I had similar issue and tested with several routers and found that the DLINK and HG633 wifi is ok in comparison. Just keep in mind your wifi is your wifi and not something Talk Talk can control and honest mate if you switch ISP it will be the same thing with your wifi all over again.


Post what your trying to do over wifi and a bit about your set up and people here will try help you out etc.