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Have you tested this on the public?

bill of the wild west
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I have literally spent an hour navigating around the world of Talk Talk trying to find support for an issue. The number of times I’ve found the promised link ‘get help’, ‘report an issue’ etc etc, just to click and be sent to the stock support screen. It’s truly frustrating. How do I actually get to speak to somebody!!?


So, regarding the much heralded ‘new look’, I ask whether you have tested it on normal people who have encountered it for the first time, or just on people already familiar with it? I am sure that if you did a ‘time and motion’ recording of a new normal person it would show that the layout, indexing and routing is utterly confusing.


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The Likes counter reduces when you remove a Like that you gave previously. Currently with the Likes counter at 12 we can see 3 people awarded Likes. The Community Manager (10) and two other members (1 each) total 12. Your name isn't displayed. 

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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Couldn't agree more Bill.  I have been round and round the website in the past and just when you think you may be getting somewhere you find you are back to square one or are being asked to log back in again.  Incidently having clicked the thumbs up to "like" your post, the counter moved from 13 to 12!


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It can be a little confusing for everyone when changes are introduced and not everything works perfectly even after rigorous testing. 

I've found that there are some minor issues when viewing/ accessing via mobile (phone/ tablet) until i switch to "desktop view", it would appear as though a couple of things are missing from the mobile view version of the site. 

Other items can benefit from tweaking your TalkTalk community settings to allow notifications, make sure you're following topics/threads that you're interested in and enable the option to receive an email when somebody replies. That way, you only need to click the link in the email to return straight to the thread and read the responses. 


Hope that this suggestion helps a little with your situation. 

I don't work for TalkTalk, I'm just a customer.

Update your community profile with your account & contact info so TT team members can help you.

Whizz Kid
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bill of the wild west
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Ok - so here is an example. Having put down my iPad and an hour later returning to it to see if there have been any comments to my post (thank you), it too me a couple of minutes to navigate around to find whatever forum/section I might have posted in, and eventually find the post. Now, if there was a clear “your posts” link on the landing page, that would be good.


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Hey @bill of the wild west  firstly thanks for the feedback and sorry to hear you've found it difficult finding what you needed. Everything you need can be found from either using the search box at the top of every page or via the menu at the top of the page, could you share a little more information about what you were looking for and how you went about trying to find it and we'll review.

Stephen, Community Manager

bill of the wild west
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How about not releasing it until it has been through a stiff test regime, with feedback from ‘normal’ users accessing a Beta version, incorporated into the design?


Such a test could record how well unfamiliar people navigate the site given a particular use case. I think you would be surprised how lost people get.


The 2 or 3 clicks that a developer who is familiar with the site will take, will doubtless be contrasted with endless looping and getting nowhere in a newby’s hands.



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The new layout is taking us all a little while to get used to. What is it you would like help with?