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New look layout. Total failure in my eyes

Community Star
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Menu's dont fit correctly.  O jeez 5 mins and counting on how to login to community

Is it my normal account or the the community account. Not sure. 


Sorry guys it's a mess.  Nice eye candy when you get used to it, but i spent a good 10 mins finding how to logon and then find what i wanted.

Designed a few sites myself in my time, but what drugs was the designer on for this one.

Try testing the menu's work correctly before releasing to public, plus do they fit correctly on the display.


Community Manager
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Hey @paulshent  Sorry the login caused confusion about which account to use, this hasn't changed from the old site in so much that community has always needed a separate login to that used for My Account or Webmail, I do however agree that Single Sign on is needed and something we want to explore this year to make things easier for our customers. The issues with menus should also be fixed now, one was due to a CDN not using the latest version of bootstrap and an issue with fix height, both have been cleared. 

Stephen, Community Manager

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@paulshent There have been some glitches since go live to be sure, but they seem to be getting fixed almost as quickly as we mention them.


If you can be a bit more specific with your issues then that will help. 


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Personally, I'm not even sold on the 'eye candy' @paulshent!  The Banners in particular are way too intrusive, and why does the Text have to be so damn big, and capitalised!