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Not all formatting tools available

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When accessing the forum from my phone (Brave browser on Android 10)  and making a post not all the formatting options are available.   As can be seen from the screen shot below there is only row of options:



 I am reasonably sure a second row appears briefly but disappears under the edit window.


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I've had a bit of a hunt around myself now @Birchcroft, and all of the following are effectively annotated 'Tongue in Cheek' ..............


Tongue In Cheek _ 4.jpg


...................... but I'm not that sold on any of 'em!



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@TheHornedOne yes :-j is really tongue in cheek and the jpeg is as well, at least according to Google Images, but I failed to find a true emoji☹️


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Ah, yes, thank you @Birchcroft, ! had genuinely forgotten about that view.  Still don't know what the title of the badge - which has now gone unisex incidentally .................


Praised Badge ~ Updated!.png


.............. actually means however!  Keep rockin'



PS ~ Is that REALLY a 'Tongue in Cheek' emoji?


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@TheHornedOne  o don't wish to boast, well not to much anyway, buy I am one of the 35 who have achieved praised status.  Apparently it means:

Congratulations on earning 500 likes for posting content that rocks!


So we will just have to keep rocking the boat😉. Meanwhile I'm feeling like an overworked scout/cub with all these meaningful badges I'm acquiring :-J 



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I was recently awarded this badge @Birchcroft .........


Screen Shot 2021-07-16 at 11.04.24.png


..... and it is now displayed in my profile pages.  I have no idea what it means of course, but, you may notice that it has been earned by a mere 35 subscribers - out of millions - so I am am well pleased, ha! 


I do not have a Magician badge however, so I am most envious, but maybe they just suddenly appear, and then disappear ............ randomly eh!  Have a word with that self confessed magician Community Star Gondola, maybe they can track-down your absent award!


On the subject of 'something else', have you accessed any Community threads without logging in first?  In my experience, the posts are presented in no particular sequence, and if the display is refreshed - to tidy things up - they are presented in a different sequence.  That should certainly keep the non-subscribers busy!




PS ~ Where might I find a 'tongue in check' emoji?

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@BirchcroftI received the same email and lack of confirmation within my profile.


I await my password to join the TT Magic Circle🎩😉.

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@TheHornedOne What do you think?


Of course not, not as yet, but I did have an email saying I have a new rank: "Magician".  So perhaps I'll be able to magic a solution myself 😉😁🤣.  Only problem is that when, as encouraged by the email, I viewed my profile to see my new rank, yes you've guessed it, it wasn't there, so I have to remain Philosophical about it😁.   Meanwhile I'm not sure if that is another problem with the new site or something else.  Maybe @StephenF could advise?

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Did you ever get any form of closure on this matter @Birchcroft?



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Across device, across platform, across application, across experience, across knowledge ......................... never assume anything, eh @Birchcroft?


I recall an occasion where a community member was having a problem with a browser.  Over several days, and between themselves, two community stars set out to cover their personal experiences of a particular, poplar browser, with respect to the problem described. 


Unfortunately, neither of them thought to ask which browser the poster was using!


The composite screenshot below displays the Samsung Galaxy / Firefox / Community / Logged-out, Portrait Reply window ..........


Text Options ~ Firefox~ Logged-out.jpg


........ which offers text colour, size and font options; hence my assumption.  Hey ho!




PS ~ The spell checker has rejected the word 'colour', so we know what that means, don't we, and will it reject the word ass!










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@TheHornedOne yep I am.    But please don't be too hard on me ( and my sarcasm) as, as far as I can see, the option is not available to me on phone or tablet ( which more often than not I use when accessing the forum) as the screen size is too small to have it😁😁


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@Birchcroft wrote:

TheHornedOne  It would appear you've found the shrink font size option😁


Are you referencing this statement Birchcroft .................


Screen Shot 2021-07-07 at 16.29.39.png

 ...... 'cause if so, make that Size, AND Type!








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@Birchcroft wrote:

TheHornedOne  I totally agree with the statement:


Ha, you're too sharp for me @Birchcroft, but definitely oldest > newest .................... I like 'the old ways' - so, No. 27, the one referencing our 'perverse* pleasure' - although I suppose ordering newest > oldest would be handy when browsing backward through a thread to refresh ones memory of what went down!


Totally agree with your observations on consistency in presentation in all aspects of the toolbar, and across platform, no excuses; and yet again, those pointless banners come into question!




* use your spell checker, ha!

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@TheHornedOne  It would appear you've found the shrink font size option😁


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@TheHornedOne  I totally agree with the statement:


"On the subject of the Toolbar Elements themselves, the vast majority of posters simply accept the Reply Option as it stands, and type something, with grammar and punctuation, layout, presentation and formatting of any kind, taking second place to explaining what they wish actioned!"


(Note, I cut a pasted the above text as I am on my phone and therefore cannot access the quote option☹️)


However, if one is going to provide editor facilities then a single set of icons, regardless of platform, which could be expanded/contracted would seem to be sensible to me from both a user and maintainer point of view.   It would also seem sensible that if the user specifically requests the desktop site via their browser then that's what they should get.  All be it that it might result in a few challenges with regard to the size of the edit window.  That said, the desktop version allows you to resize the edit window by grabbing the bottom right corner.  Which in portrait mode, and without the pointless oversized reply banner would allow a bit more of the window to be seen.


In your reply you have also, probably inadvertently, illustrated another undesirable feature.  That is you referenced post #27, but unfortunately you did not make it clear which post #27 you were referring to.  The one when viewing the Topic Oldest to Newest or the one when viewing the Topic from Newest to Oldest (Which I think was/is the default order).  If the latter then now I've posted this you will need to update the reference to the post number😉😁😂


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I get this option on my iPhone and have just used it:



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@Birchcroft wrote:


Also - StephenF - you did not address the lack of spell checker when using Firefox.



Screen Shot 2021-07-07 at 15.18.02.png







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Reference your Post #27 @Birchcroft, ha, and thanks.  I acknowledge your findings, and your statements, and the fact that the more one looks, and the deeper one gets, the more the anomalies surface; and with just the one browser!


The mere fact that it is possible to compile a post without logging-in to the system has always astounded me, but any toolbar differences which might exist between a logged-in state, and a logged-out state are wiped out when flipping state anyway!


On the subject of the Toolbar Elements themselves, the vast majority of posters simply accept the Reply Option as it stands, and type something, with grammar and punctuation, layout, presentation and formatting of any kind, taking second place to explaining what they wish actioned!


Feedback on which elements might or might not be included in a toolbar can be easily achieved, by simply viewing a random 10, 50, 100, 500 posts, where even regular formatting - Bold, Italic, Underscore - are accessed by less than 1% of posters!


One option which might find more popular use, if its application can be correctly interpreted, is 'Insert Photos' [Although it doesn't help that the text is only displayed if the icon is hovered over, which cannot be done with a regular touch screen!] option, except, the icon itself is a Camera, and therefore interpreted as a photograph option, not a graphic option. Additionally, Drag & Drop may well not be an option either!


Some options, E.G. 'Inset a spoiler tag', are clearly included to keep the geeks entertained, but given the choice, who would want to work in this little ol' window anyway .............


The Great Squeese!.jpg





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@StephenF I can't help but think that it would far simpler for both users and maintainers if the editor window was not made available until one has logged in, particularly as you are providing different editor interfaces depending on the users login status.


Also you did not address the lack of spell checker when using Firefox.


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Hey @Birchcroft  your login session is controlled by cookies which are not shared across devices or browsers essentially being logged into the site on say Edge and then going to firefox or chrome wouldn't put you in a logged in state and would require you to login again. At the point you hit post in a logged out state you'd be asked to login and upon doing so should be taken to your post, this latter bit does have an open defect on it however as it seems to be taking you to a 404 page however that's separate to the editor question you flagged. thanks

Stephen, Community Manager

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@StephenF your observation raises the following questions: 


  1. I got to the not-logged-in screen by cutting and pasting the link from the logged-in screen in.  So given it allowed this  and allowed me to open a reply,  I just assumed that, to my surprise, the link in the new browser was still treating me as logged in.  This is because I would not normally expect to open a reply to a post while not logged in. Thus I assumed, incorrectly as it turns out, that the context was maintained.  My mistake.
  2. I am surprised one can open an editor while not logged in, as one is not permitted to post on the forum unless logged in.  So why provide an editor to non-logged-in users at all, let alone going to the trouble of using a different one?

A further observation is the while when I post using "Edge" my typing is spell checked the spell checking does not occur when using Firefox.