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Suprious notification

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Yesterday I received an email with the subject: Your post Re: unrecognised number on bill on TalkTalk Help & Support is modified!  Note that it explicitly says: "Your post".


It went on to say that it was moved by name (A Community Star) and the reason given was "Removed as scam bait".


The strange thing is that while I did look at the original post I have no recollection of having posted a reply and cannot find a copy of the post in "My Posts" nor can I find the topic listed in the first 5 pages of "My Subscriptions" further the Community Star's post in the topic refers to a different user.   I PM'd the Community Star asking if they could provide an explanation but, as yet, have heard nothing hence the post here.   Would someone please explain what has happened and in the unlikely event I did post some spam would they please explain why it is considered spam as it is certainly something I would not intentionally do.


To sumerise I got a notification refering to a post made by me to a topic I am not subscribed to and have no recollection of posting to. 


This episode also raised another issue with the site and that is that it does not appear to be possible to search ones subscriptions list.




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@Gliwmaeden2  Thanks, yes that is the thread and I now remember that post.

I understand and agree with the importance of removing dodgy posts.  I also appreciate that that because my post was a direct reply to such a post it will also be moved, after all there would be nothing to link it to.  However, I think that the wording of the notification I was sent could be better worded, after all there was nothing wrong with My post and it certainly was not scam bait as the message I received regarding my post stated.


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Hi Birchcroft 


Exactly as Gliwmaeden has reported back to you. You and a TalkTalk Support member replied to a post made by a low-life scammer that edited in a scam-bait link onto the end of their text. So, the scam post and replies are all sitting in a containment area. Not your fault and nothing you need worry about. The email notification title is the same whether it goes to the low-life scammer or to a member contributing to the scam thread.


NB I block all PM's unless I specifically invite a member to PM me. If I didn't I'd be forever replying to members by PM.

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I suspect it was this thread, @Birchcroft



 The OP added a dodgy link at the end of their post, so it was removed to containment. Not sure who moved it, but it's best that it is out of the way so that other customers don't click on the dodgy links, which can be edited in after the scammer thinks that their post has passed as acceptable. 


We are all better safe than sorry, but, I agree, it's a bit disturbing when we get included in the notice about the moved thread.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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We receive these notifications regardless of whether we are the OP, @Birchcroft, depending on exactly which settings the Community Star chooses. 


I suspect the whole thread may have been moved to containment in which case you won't be able to see it.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.