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Testing my ability to post

Team Player
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Several times now I've tried to write a long, detailed post about various usability issues on the site.

Each attempt seems to have vanished.

I've invested a lot of time in this, so I'm just checking; is this far simpler post actually going to make it, or have I just wasted all that time?

It's aardvarks all the way down..

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Coming back to the forum, I think I see what the problem might be.

I'll add it to this topic  (and at the same time verify I can hyperlink stuff. 🙂 )

It's aardvarks all the way down..

Team Player
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Hi @StephenF

No; the posts never showed up. I've waited to repost anything as I have now received a new modem. Much to my surprise it now seems quite a lot more stable, with less drop-outs etc. 

While I very much doubt this was why my posts never made it out there, I'll repost some of my comments now, and if that works I'll put the initial problems down to (my) human error.


It's aardvarks all the way down..

Community Manager
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Hey @PhilAardvark 
Did you find your posts, if not can you give more info on what happens when they disappear, are they posted or not getting that far? Ive checked our spam filters and nothing has been picked up as spam so im not seeing any reason why they wouldnt be post, we do have a maximum character limit on posts but its massive so unlikely you're hitting that and if you did you'd see a message asking to shorten your post before submitting, guessing this isnt happening? 

Stephen, Community Manager

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@ferguson Thanks for the reply.

Yes, I've checked my junk email folders. Both the SMTP ones I can see locally and also on the hosting service directly (which sometimes filters things out before they even get to my spam box - although that's only usually in fairly extreme/known cases of harmful mail).

I'll put it down to finger trouble and repost next week if nothing else turns up. 

It's aardvarks all the way down..

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As @Gliwmaeden2 suggested have you checked your mail including (ironically!) spam/junk folders to check for a notification that your missing post was captured as spam? This can happen inadvertently and the team can restore it for you. 


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@I8this :

@PhilAardvark wrote: "I now write all my posts to this site in another editor and paste them in.." 


Unfortunately, this was in one of the posts that hasn't turned up yet, lol. At least it's still in my text editor so I know I'm not going completely mad. 🙃

Also a good policy when you edit long text in any RESTful service is to copy it somewhere before you submit it. Otherwise it's like forgetting everything we learned in the past about frequently saving your work. (Which, thankfully, seems to mostly be a thing of the past in many modern systems.)

It's aardvarks all the way down..

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@PhilAardvark  from past experience I have found that if I was to create a long post it was best to do it in a Word Pro. and then copy and paste into a thread on this forum.

If case you have forgotten the Do’s and Don’ts. There are members that have. Remember:-Be yourself and tell it like it is,. Be courteous to other customers. Give others the benefit of the doubt. Update your community profile. The Forum Guidelines apply to ALL members there are/should be, NO exceptions. If you have nothing nice to say, then say nothing at all. Now a wizard.

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Thank you, both for the update and the info.


In that case I'll hold off trying to re-post the original message for a few days in case a bunch of duplicates suddenly show up. 🙂

It's aardvarks all the way down..

Community Star
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I'll flag the issue to the forum managers, in case there's something in the software causing problems, @PhilAardvark.


Apart from topics not always escalating into the workflow for attention, sometimes I have noticed discrepancies in when posts appear in a thread or even when they have shown up listed as a new topic - all up to date one moment, and then suddenly a backlog from several days that should have been showing all along, i.e. the displayed new posts list was not updating correctly. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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@Gliwmaeden2, thank you for the feedback and clarifications. 

I was already aware of all the posts on the 'online support security' thread.

It was specifically trying to post under 'Community Feedback' which seems to have failed. I've not got any notifications about those posts and as they were fairly critical of the interface and initial experience to the site I had to wonder if I had been moderated out.

I'll try re-posting my thoughts about the site if that still seems appropriate now that I've been here a little longer. (Although surely capturing the user experience in the first few hours is more important than anything in terms of improving any interface?)

It's aardvarks all the way down..

Community Star
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I can see a dozen posts from you when I click on your ACTIVITY tab under your name (the public area of your profile - only you and staff have access to personal information details).










Is that everything, or should there be more? None of it has been sent to "containment", which staff and CSs can check, and the only time we would see nothing at all is when an automated Spam detector removes things from sight. You'd be notified if that happened, @PhilAardvark.



Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.