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When are TalkTalk going to allow Dislikes?

Enlightened One
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Sorry - well actually no I'm not sorry - but any "forum" which allows only "likes" presents an inaccurate and misleading representation of what members feel about particular posts.


To get a much more representative overview, there must be an option to post a "counter-opinion". Only allowing "likes" is very one-sided.


10 Likes for a post gives one impression.

10 Likes for a post vs 30 Dislikes for the same post gives a completely different impression.


Also - what is this "Like weighting"? Do TalkTalk think some members "opinions" are more important/valid than others?


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All valid points and thank you for the explanation of the "weightings".  That certainly does seem appropriate - just the first time I think I'd seen it.


It is always "difficult" to find a way to allow a "represntational" expression of what members think (or feel) about particular posts, while preventing it being used as a way to basically "be nasty" for the sake of it. All too common online.


But probably an area worth reviewing every so often.

Community Star
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Well, StephenF's likes carry 10 because he's the manager. The professional staff and CS likes carry 2. That seems reasonable given the time spent helping people, experience etc. 


I think in the early days of Facebook this was discussed a lot - probably decided it could be too hurtful as community groups are precisely that. It could get too personal.  They do have nuanced emotional responses though on FB. Again, because it is more personal than eg this forum. 


Dislikes are probably best kept for less personal feedback on news sites etc. They usually just indicate a number, @georgeh2011, not who left them. 


Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.