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Anyone know about software for clipping and converting videos from Blu-Ray?

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I want to get into video editing.  There's no problem with getting software to extract clips from DVDs but what about Blu-Rays?


I've just got an external Blu-Ray drive for my laptop, but I didn't really think about the software.  I just assumed you could get free software that did the job i.e. allowed you to extract clips from Blu-Rays and convert them into whatever format you want (without losing quality, and with a user-friendly interface).  And after a very quick search, I had no luck apart from something that would cost about $50 that looked pretty good.


I'd rather have a free one, natch, and I'd be very surprised if there aren't several free ones out there, but I know next to nothing about it at this point.  So I thought I'd try my luck asking in here because most of you are probably light years ahead of me in all things computers.

So, does anyone know of any software that I can download for free that will do the trick?


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No reason to pay $50 when just starting out.

Links: F/OSS

Commercial software - find a good torrent site...
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thanks for the links.  I'll have a look over the next few days.

Thanks for the help.