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Web pages load slow and up/down screen scroll slow?

mark iliff
Team Player
Hi, I was thinking my internet was slow as web pages are taking a long time to load.
I checked my speed just now at 10.16am and I have 9.2Mbps download speed and 0.86 upload speed and 31 ms ping.
This morning at about 8am I had 15Mbps download speed so I guess this varies through out the day.
Not sure if any of that relates to why my web pages loading slowly.
But also most annoying is when I scroll up and down the screen on internet web pages with my mouse this can also be very annoyingly slow, does this have anything to do with slow internet connection speeds?.
I'm not a big downloader or uploader but do mostly web browsing and searching and play on-line games on my PS3 which seem to be fine, I would just like the web pages to load quicker and to be able to scroll up and down the pages smoothly and quickly.
Not sure it is a problem with my PC, it is quite a performance machine with gaming capabilities. But I'm not certain it is not a PC issue, I have de-fragged my hardrives and always clear my cache and web history.

Any help appreciated.
It doesn't initially sound too much like a broadband speed issue. Is it possible to check what else is running at the time of the "slow" web pages and scrolling (i.e. have a look at Task Manager, all users, if you're on Windows). Which version of OS are you using ?
May be a scheduled or unexpected background task (won't mention the v word).
Ill mention the v word then.

Have you checked for viruses and spyware?
mark iliff
Team Player
Hi, I have talktalk security and I've never had any issues with viruses or spyware, not that I know of anyway!.
Unless my PC has some virus or spyware that my talktalk security has not found?
I have Windows Vista Ultimate operating system, just so you know I still have the same issue right now today with the slow screen scrolling and slow web page loading, the screen scrolling issue is actually the most annoying.
EDIT: I just looked at my Task Manager and I have 92 processes running!, is that too many?, also I'm the only user - ever, other than it saying SYSTEM, NETWO and LOCAL...
How would I spot a virus running in Task Manager?, surly my talktalk security would find it first?
No idea about TT's security as I don't use it - does it have an option to do a detailed, deep scan (rather than just a quick scan) ?
Have you tried Task Manager to see if something else is unexpectedly running in the background - it could even be the ant-virus that is slowing things down if things aren't configured correctly.
Do you have CCleaner installed ? Having a register clean up, as well as temps, cache etc, may help.
Vista was never the most efficient OS.
EDIT - 92 - possibly not - that could just be Vista for you - if you have CCleaner installed have a look at the started tasks list and see if there are things you can disable. Most things don't need to be started every time you start your pc.
Hiya mark iliff
There are a couple of things to try. Firstly try starting your computer in safemode with networking, then browse to a secure site and see if any quicker. If it's quicker, then you will know that the slow browsing is very likely down to some installed software slowing you down (like security software as eebdsirhc has suggested). This is a way to test this.
Also check your MTU setting in your router. Talk Talk recommend a generic setting of 1432, so see if it's set to this. However, 1432 doesn't work for all, so you can also try 1400, 1392 or 1492. Or check MTU link in my signature on how to find exact optimum MTU for your setup.

OCE (Support Staff) Who Are They / Community Moderators Who Are They / TalkTalk Line Profiles / Optimise/Check your MTU Setting

"Courtesy is not expensive and can pay big dividends - Peace Out xxxx
Originally Posted by mark iliff
EDIT: I just looked at my Task Manager and I have 92 processes running!, is that too many?, also I'm the only user - ever, other than it saying SYSTEM, NETWO and LOCAL...

Yes that is high, on a desktop typically Vista/Win7 will have around 55 running, on a laptop typical is around 64 because of wireless adapters and trackpads.
Any more than this is normally down to programmes that are installed that set themselves up to 'check for updates' and similar at start up, you can use Windows 'services' to change the start up types from 'auto' that many will be set as to 'manual', manual is always safest, it prevents the programme from starting automatically with Windows but allows it to start if you click on the programmes icon.
As you have been advised already, turn of those unneeded processes starting with Windows that you don't need, having 92 processes running is OK if you have lots of RAM 4GB+, on many laptops they only have 2GB or so, and this means with 92 processes you are likely running out of RAM, and hence everything is slowing down....
A virus in task manager will often have a weird name, like GF54FGR.exe or they will have 'almost' a correct name like explorel.exe and I don't think this is your problem, I think it is the number of processes you have running!
Have a look here for how to manually change services (this will be needed for some of your programmes);
here for a tool that can help with Vista services itself;
and here for help knowing what has to run and what is safe to put to manual;
The only other place to check is on the 'start' -> 'all programmes' -> 'startup' folder, any programmes in this folder also start automatically with windows :)
mark iliff
Team Player
Hi, I have 4GB of Patriot Signature Ram(I know the brand doesn't really matter too much here), but when I checked my Task Manager it was using 2GB max of Ram at that time?

I wonder if I buy another 4GB of Ram the same as my Motherboard can take 4 ram stick upto 8GB, "just a thought", plus the Ram is cheapish at just under £30 for 2x2GB to buy these days for the exact same Ram.

I guess I could consider looking into buying a new OS, such as Windows 7 that would be nice and I would think I would enjoy installing that myself as I did with my last OS Vista Ultimate.

I did actually build this PC myself coming upto 2 years ago now!, it has been a really great PC with no problems except what I mentioned in my first question, its funny because sometimes all is fine and then the screen scrolling just goes all slow and web pages take a while to load.

Ok thanks for all the help, tips, advice, links etc etc I will take a good look into all this and see if I can resolve this problem and will get back if I need any more help and if I manage to solve this problem.

Thanks guys and please feel free to add any further comments.
Mark -
Adding more RAM may not solve the problem - but it sure won't hurt. And it will probably improve the overall efficiency of your pc.
If it's cheap, and you're planning to keep your current hardware for a while, and you may be going to Win 7 - it would be a reasonable move.
Wizz Kid
The RAM seems sufficient - What browser are you using. Have you tried an alternative?

If IE, try running it in no add-ons mode to see if the problem persists.

Try an alternate browser (Firefox, Opera, Chrome etc) and see if it is the same with another browser.

92 processes is a lot to have running - even for Vista.