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Can't send e-mails - too many recipients

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I'm getting the following message:  Message could not be sent to the following recipients: xxx (453 - 453 4.2.0 9qKgnszIkXBzs Too Many Recipients (TT604)

I am trying to send 53 e-mails broken down into two groups.  The first has sent.  I now can not send anything at all.  I have important mails that must be sent today.  Do I really have to wait 24 hours to be able to send a second batch?  I'm organizing a party - a domestic event with 60 guests.  How can I manage to send this modest number of e-mails in a day?

Cathy Graham


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Hi CathyGraham, if yo ufollow Gondola's advice you should be fine.



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Hi cathygraham 


There's no reason why you cannot send mail to a couple of distribution lists where each list is around 25 - 30 email addresses. The rider is that the next send after that would be limited unless waiting for an hour.


However, the TT604 error message is telling you that you're sending to too many unidentified email addresses. i.e. some addresses do not exist or are entered into the list incorrectly.


If the mail system thinks someone is trying email addresses just to see if they go through then it will rate limit sending to restrict any chance of spam being sent.  If rate limiting does get triggered then it can take 24 hours for the limiting to be relaxed.


So that you don't get tripped up by this spam protection measure it would be worth checking addresses are correct, current and individual mailboxes are accepting delivery.  Asking the individuals or using a verification service like Verifalia are a couple of options. Sending individual mail messages would also give you a bounceback error if the mailbox address is 'undeliverable' and breaking the distribution lists into smaller groups sent over a slightly longer time-frame would help to avoid spam protection measures being triggered.

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