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Unable to receive email from specific recipients

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Dear community,


I wonder if you could help me. For the past 2 months I have not been getting emails from my work HR department.


I have tried forwarding the messages myself from gmail, and they don't get through either.


However, when I edited the message to remove a specific link (with associated picture), the email came through OK.


This same link WAS in previous messages, which I DID receive...but on forwarding one out those messages, while I was able to see it arriving at Gmail, but not at my Tiscali address. It also vanished from my Sent Mail folder.


Everything points to some sort of change in the way TalkTalk is processing messages which contain external links. This change would have happened between February 2022 and now.


Please can you investigate? Three should be plenty of examples from today.


I can give examples of the senders, times and content, if required.





Support Team
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Hi failure _to_communicate, I've asked the business to comfirm if we've made changes to cloudmark that have led to this issue.



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