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Faster Fibre - Where is the router or engineer?

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I am already a TalkTalk customer for broadband. We upgraded 2 weeks ago to Faster Fibre and it states our "go live" is today (06/10/20).


It shows we have a pending order for Faster Fibre

"My Pending Orders
Faster Fibre
Go Live 06/10"


When i click on my pending order it says it doesn't exist. No number for the yodel track. It says "You dont have any open orders to track right now"


I have no idea if I am receiving a new router for Faster Fibre or if an Engineer is coming, we've received no emails, no texts.

I do have a black router which came with our BB package but have been unable to use that since it was delivered as only one person can connect at a time. If a second wifi connects it fails. I went through on this community back then (during lockdown) but no one would help, said a new router was sent and delivered but it wasn't. Then i got a message saying new router was cancelled. Thanks, great help.

So i've been having to use my own router I got from Argos for our current standard broadband as the router sent which was supposedly so great that we would have no issues didn't work....unless you're single with one gadget using wifi at a time.. 


So, now since upgrading to Faster Fibre which was supposed to go live today, we still no have working router (new one for faster fibre not sent) and still no idea what is happening.
Do we need an engineer? I've had no communication.


Support Team
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Hi louise,


Apologies for the confusion, which router do you currently have connected? (make and model)





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@louise1972  is the router you purchased compatible with VDSL ?


That is the standard you require for a TT FTTC connection.


The two black HUBs (Sagemcom and Huawei) work with fibre.

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Hi @louise1972 go live often happens towards the end of the day, even around midnight. This is your first post in the community with this user name, do you have multiple accounts?

your post has been flagged for assistance and you should hear soon.

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