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I renewd my contract just so I could get the new router to try :P

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OK so I took out 24 month contract after being on rolling for ages. Now the lady on the phone gave me no discount and no extras all I got was the new router for £30 😛 tried to haggle but was told that is all that is available atm so. 


Did make it clear im only renew cause this looks interesting and I just know im gonna write about it good or bad.


So far its good as it connects fast and wifi seems strong and few more options than other talk talk routers but still less than would like. Will test it today with my 9128 point test supplemented with some WAN tests aka dual shell and friend wants to run routersploite modded for running config into places it can be seen (very technical explanation right there!!!)


So let it begin and lets hope it does not report back its pregnant.

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Sorry have not posted back about this guys. I dont have a lot of time atm to go into it much about this router but just so you ALL know this is a very very good router with strong stable wifi. It is a massive upgrade to any of the routers supplied currently and its not just the wifi that is better. I get 16 meg upload now was 14 before and as for security if you put the firewall on high with unpn kept to on you cant get into it at all on the same lan.


Standard settings on the router are also fine. The only negative is price but I only paid £30 so that is good price imo.


Anyways thnx Talk Talk for actually supplying decent hardware at a decent price (£30 for me) 🙂