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Connection to birdbox camera.

First Timer
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I have a PC connected to my router by ethernet along with an H.264 NVR and also a laptop by wifi.

I've tried an ethernet connection to a PoE camera and expected that the cable would power the camera and show itself on the successfully download app on my mobile. Am I wrong in thinking that 'Ethernet 2' will give power to the camera?

I'm doing my best but getting nowhere !



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Well, if it's just the one camera and you want to bypass your nvr completely, then I would probably suggest that the cheapest way to do this would be to use a PoE injector:

for example. around £18 


You use the injector to add the PoE power through the cables to the camera itself.  

Then you can attach to your existing router or basic network switch without requiring a specialised switch (they cost upwards of £60)


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Mr Wise Owl Sir,

Thank you so much for your quick response. It's much appreciated.

My limited tech. knowledge almost understands your guidance.

May I add this info. to my predicament? 

I wish to view video on PC and mobile. (Resolution on NVR and camera are not compatible & no spare ports.) Apps have been downloaded with ease.

Can you advise me regarding dedicated PoE switch specification requirement? Websites show different voltages ands some with 13amp plugs and some without. Presumable I would require a plug!

I have a 30m long ethernet cable.

Your guidance on this would also be appreciated.

Thank you in anticipation.

Stay safe,



Wise Owl
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PoE is a standard that must be supported by the ethernet switch.  I had a cheap NVR, and the ports on the back are usually PoE.


NVR's tend to separate out the networks used by the cameras to a different subnet, so even if you had a PoE switch, likely the cameras would power up, but you wouldn't be able to connect


I have switched to a dedicated PoE switch now and use a NAS with IPCamera software to manage the cameras.  


Your Birdbox camera should be connected to a port on the NVR if you want it to work.