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UhOh! Crossed phone line.

First Timer

Good evening all.


My TalkTalk services went active today - No issues with the Faster Fibre whatsoever.


However, there is a problem with my phone line.

Tonight I received a random call on the new phone line that was installed today, from someone that said is that "reads out telephone number"? 


I was like "Yeah, this is my new number that was activated today" to which they replied "Oh, this line belongs do so and so"


It would appear that my phone line has been crossed at the exchange with someone elses and they've been making calls on this line too!


They originally lost service on the 7th September 2017 and they're with the Post Office for their line and broadband


My line installation was also delayed because of this incorrect number.


My biggest concern now is: 

A: A couple in their 80's are now without a phone line / broadband

B: I have someone elses phone number

C: They're making calls on this line but unable to receive.


Will I be liable for this bill that I will receive from TalkTalk?!


Please advise because I feel bad for the person that's been cut off and also the fact that I could be landed with a bill that's no fault of my own...

First Timer
I sent a text message to the OpenReach engineer and they have corrected the problem.

My port in the exchange was directly next to the other persons.

Issue resolved.