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10.35 16/9/16 rec'd call today from lady saying she was from talktalk and that it wa showing on the system that i was having a problem with my internet connection, so i went along with her and said about time i have had this problem for over 2 months and now you finally contact me, she then hung up on me, i haven't got any problems.have reported the number to the talktalk site.

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I received a call just now - from the same number - telling me that my "internet connection has been leaked to hackers" and that they will switch off my internet connection in 24 hours if I don't follow their instructions.


The lady had my name, address and TalkTalk account number - but when I challenged the sense of her claims she hung up.


Does anyone know how she managed to get these details?

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From talktalk hack

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Hi Luckios

Please see "Is there a central register of phone numbers..."

To see a list of numbers who called me during June, July, August

and some September


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Just had two more in the space of five minutes - same deal!


First - 01254785241 - from 'Mr Daniel Richards' - didn't sound like a Daniel

Second - 001509792350 - hung up


Going to block them both now.