Scam calls at least twice a day

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I have been receiving scam calls from India every single day since July this year firstly to my landline and more recently mobile as well. TalkTalk does not let me block the unrecognisable numbers they use and you can only block up to 10 numbers. They are coming up with different numbers every day and in desperation I had to buy a new BT phone which at least allows me to block most of the numbers.

In the past few weeks they have been using numbers with UK area codes such as Birmingham which is where I believe your technical team is based. I have an ongoing mental health problem and to be frank these calls are causing me a great deal of anxiety. I cannot work so I am at home all day although these calls can come at any time and I am never quite sure now if I am blocking genuine callers when UK area codes are used. I now have real fear every time my landline rings but I have not answered a single call for over a month now, just let it ring out then block the number but they never give up. I now have approximately 50 different blocked numbers on my BT phone which range from 00, number witheld, out of area, weird long numbers

I cannot unplug my landline as I have to be on call if needed by my mum who is in her 80s and has poor health. She cannot afford to make calls to mobiles. People keep saying not to get paranoid about these calls but some days I have as many as 8 calls, 4 to my landline and 4 to my mobile. How do these people know my name, landline number, that I am with TalkTalk broadband and my mobile TalkTalk number? 

Would it be possible to get my landline number changed or the other option I am considering is to leave TalkTalk. My psychiatrist is concerned that I have had to increase my medication due to my increased anxiety. I am almost at the end of my tether but surely there is some way of blocking many of these numbers at the exchange when they do not exist.

Head of Scam Prevention

Hi @Alicat58


Thank you for your questions and I am very so sorry to hear you are getting so many scam calls.


First of all, absolutely we can change your number for you to see if we can put a stop to this, either drop me a private message and I will arrange for someone to contact us.


However, the scammers are getting more sophisticated and finding ways to gather data @doozeruk explains some ways in his post.


Here are some tips on protecting yourself against scam calls;


1.  Always hang up

2.  Block the number that has called you.

3.  Make sure you have caller display switched so you can see who's calling

4.  Report the number at, this will be sent to our Customer Security Investigation team to see if we can block this on the network.  We block 92million calls a month on our network.


Going forward we are working on building a new calling feature that proves over 95% of the scam calls stop, we will reach out to the community when this is ready for testing.


In the meantime I would try changing your number and the tips above.


I hope this helps.



Wizz Kid

Hi, my elderly parents were getting these calls and I found the best solution was this phone: BT8500


Read this old thread of mine Here


It was difficult at first for them to get used to it but didnt take too long..

Hope this helps..


ps: I too suffer with anxiety-depression so I know the stress this can put on a person especially when looking after an elderly parent..


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Thank you. I did buy a BT phone which could block numbers but the numbers were changing every time these thieves called me. At the last count I had 62 different numbers blocked. At that time TT only allowed forblocking up to 10 numbers but I believe it is now 100. The solution in the end was to gat my landline number changed.

I have had no scam calls since this was done in December.

Thank you so much for your kind offer to send a modem to my Aunt. I am assuming that TalkTalk will give her a new one but if not then I will let you know..:smileyhappy:

Wizz Kid

Glad to hear you have resolved the scam calls ..


That BT8500 does more than block numbers:


eg: you can set a "curfew" time so only 20 of those you set as VIP numbers can get through..Great for evenings..

It answers the phone for you asks why they are ringing and will ONLY then let it ring IF they state why they are ringing .

They are put on hold until you decide whether to answer-reject-block etc you dont speak to them unless you decide to..


I have found that the scammers very rarely decide to carry on with the call and soon I think your number is taken off their list 🙂

Sorry to keep banging on about this phone but I have found it brilliant at stopping these nuisance calls.


I`d be suprised if TT wont send you a FREE modem but I would be glad to send you a replacement if they wont..


ps: be very careful with your details and never post them on a forum..