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How can I cancel my pay as you go without knowing my account number or mobile number?

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I bought a pay as you go monthly sim a couple of months ago, I've not used it. I realise that I don't need it. I want to cancel the account.


All I have is the order reference and sim:  #000187737


This means I cannot register on the website, because I don't have an account number. And I cannot call TalkTalk because I haven't activated the sim and don't have a number.


I've cancelled my DD at the bank but I'm concerned Talktalk may try to take the money anyway...


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Hi LucyWalberton 


You won't have purchased any new SIM from TalkTalk Mobile as TalkTalk Mobile aren't selling any new services right now.


Are you confusing this with Talk Mobile which is a Vodafone owned company?


If you've never activated a SIM then normally the SIM will expire in 6 months of issue and the SIM card number re-allocated.


Does this explain?

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