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Hereditary : Cert 15 : Cinema Release

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I guarantee if you're a fan of horror movies you will not like Hereditary one spine-tingling second.  You think you know all about how the genre can shock and creep you out.  You don't. You will be just like the rest of us.  A shaking wreck needing grief counselling.  Not about to go to bed with the lights out and anxious to get reassurance from your nearest and dearest about what you've just seen. Just maybe not anyone that shares your genes.

Writer Director Ari Aster has created an uncomfortable and oppressive debut tale of a dead matriarch and the relationship issues of a tense and discordant family pretty much matched by the music soundtrack. 


Toni Collette plays the grim-faced artistic daughter, Annie Graham and Gabriel Byrne her husband Steve.  Alex Wolff is son Peter, and Milly Shapiro is daughter Charlie. Charlie is the troubled child with behavioural issues that had a close relationship with the departed secretive and controlling grandmother.  The director's original cut was allegedly 3 hours long exploring the drawn out tragedy revealing chilling family secrets. Fortunately the cinema edit cut out quite a few scenes to up the pace a bit but that doesn't mean you'll be excited by jumpy scary bits as this movie will simply chill your headless spirits to the bone.  

Here's the trailer:


Thanks to A24

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ooh not heard of this one. I'll have to give this a watch emoticon.scream.title

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So want to see this