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Troy : Fall of a City : BBC One and iPlayer

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BBC One : 17 February : 9:10pm

David Farr who was the screenwriter for John Le Carre's The Night Manager is the writer and executive producer for the new BBC One and Netflix co-commissioned Troy : Fall of a City.


Shot on location in Cape Town, South Africa, with hundreds of extras and at a cost of £2 million per air-time hour, it's the 3,000 year old Trojan war drama in 8 episodes about the love of Paris and Helen. Black Blood is the first episode and is on Saturday 17 February at 9:10pm on BBC One and on iPlayer soon after transmission.

An encounter with the gods binds the fate of young herdsman Paris to that of his home city of Troy.  When he is granted the honour of visiting Sparta as a guest of King Menelaus, he falls in love with the beautiful queen Helen, with far-reaching consequences that threaten to bring an empire to its knees. Told from the perspective of the Trojans, David Farr's historical epic story of love, intrigue, and betrayal stars Louis Hunter and Bella Dayne, as the lead characters, with Jonas Armstrong, David Threlfall, David Gyasi and Joseph Mawle.

Here's a trailer:



Thanks to Wild Mercury and Kudos productions, BBC and Netflix


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