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Heavy Haulers - [Netflix]

Conversation Starter

The holidays have just passed and a lot of 'trash' tv has been watched. Starting my holiday howlers of programming was Heavy Haulers. 





A mini documentary added to the lineup on Netflix, you follow the life of self proclaimed Redneck Jeremy Patterson and his haulage company. 


The catch is that they don't ferry freight or goods - instead they cart massive houses and brick buildings about on huge trucks. Why bother leaving your home behind when you move - take it with you on 130 wheels. 


You'll take a bit of a ride with Jeremy and his health, but at the end of the day the family man is a hard worker and keen to provide for his family. It's an interesting look at an industry I didn't even realise existed. 


Similar in style to 'Lizard Lick Towing' and 'Dog the Bounty Hunter' with a little less drama. Good fun and something to play on in the background while you do housework or are struggling to stay amused. 


Coming in at only four episodes you'll be done mighty quick but will enjoy the nature of the show none the less.