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Can't Access My Router Settings

First Timer
I've been able to connect to the administration webpage for my echolife hg520b until recently, it's not let me access them using my external or my local IP and i have no idea why... When i use it just says Error the web page could not be loaded.. etc.etc. and i get the same for my external ip found using And i'm at a total loss with it. I've tried restarting my router, i've tried ipconfig/release ipconfig/renew the last thing that i was going to try after posting on here was to return my router to it's factory settings via the reset button. But i was unsure as to whether i'd still be able to access the internet if i did that as i have none of the original documentation due to moving house.
Hello DanScott and welcome to the forum
If you do decide to conduct a factory reset of the HG520b you should take a look at the following TT help page:
It provides details of how to find your username and password for setting up the router if you no longer have your welcome letter.
You do not say if you are using a wireless or ethernet connection - if you are using wireless only it would be worth trying an ethernet connection in the first instance to determine if you can address the router in that manner.

Kind regards
First Timer
I'm sorry, yes i'm using an Ethernet connection :) and thankyou for the welcome :)
Hi again:)

I have just found this help page from Huwaei which has specific guidance on this issue in FAQ 7:

See if this helps.
First Timer
I viewed all the steps it asks me to do in FAQ 7 and even reset my router and still nothing. I did come across something on my ipconfig /all however. is says Ip Routing enabled : No ? and now, when i do the external ip it asks me to save an empty file called default.txt ? Thanks for your help
It might be worth saving that file and then reading it - it may have some important information. I used to use a 520b, but never came across this particular problem.

Do you have another router you could use if a reset of the 520b fails?

How old is the 520b? it may be possible for the forum staff (OCE) to send out a replacement if it is still within warranty during your first contract period.
First Timer
i download the file, go to open it and notepad says the file doesnt exist and it downloads with a file size of 0kb ?
Not very useful then.

I would be wary of resetting the router if youo do not have another one to hand in case the 520b will not connect to the internet again.

If you could say how long you have had the 520b the OCE will be able to determine if they can send you a free replacement.

If it is out of warranty they can still send a replacement router, but I believe the cost for this is £30.
The Islander
Or you can get a Netgear Router like mine for around £30 to £33 brand new. Rather than what TT supply. But thats up to you.
I had issue with the HG520B when I got my new computer it seems not to agree with Windows 7. But it's ok with my old XP machine.