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Can't access MyAccount (lineone 'customer')

First Timer

OK, so this is going to be a weird one, but I'm hoping there'll be some TalkTalk people here who could help.


I have a email address from way back before LineOne became Tiscali and Tiscali became TalkTalk. I don't  have any products from TalkTalk, so it's just my email address.


Since Tiscali took over, I've logged into this email account via


However, there doesn't appear to be any way to change the password for this webmail. I assumed I'd have to go into MyAccount - but it refuses to log in (as I presume I don't actually have a TalkTalk account). I've spoken with a TalkTalk call center, who unsurprisingly couldn't help.


So, is there any way I can change the password for a email address?


Note: if the answer is something on the lines of " is unsupported, and you shouldn't still be using your email address" then please let me know, and give me some time to transition stuff to a different email address!



Conversation Starter

Try this link as it covers resetting your password for non TalkTalk customers.


First Timer

Thanks - the problem is that the question is "Are you registered for My Account?", with the following options:


Yes -> I'm not, so this won't work

No  -> Enter my email address -> gives me the finger ("The details you entered do not match our records.")

Yes, but I've forgotten my My Account login details -> can't use this as I haven't got a MyAccount login

I'm not a TalkTalk customer -> There's the finger again


So, essentially, I'm boned.


I'm wondering if there are actually very few old lineone customers left and we've basically just slipped through the cracks.

Insightful One

Eventually a TalkTalk OCE may reply, but as an ex-Tiscali customer, I can say that my understanding that there is no mechanism to reset the old lineone or tiscali e-mail passwords.


Just try not to forget what it is, because if you do, you will never be able to access that e-mail again.


I have recently transitioned one of my old Tiscali accounts as follows:



Created new account on a current e-mail service, then dug down into the setting fo the Tiscali webmail, and set up automatic forwarding of all mail to the new address, with immediate delete from server.



Community Team

Hi Sploo


Sadly there is no way to change old legacy passwords, unless they are showing in My Account, if you haven't registered for my account, then then unfortunately the address will be classed as orphaned and we have no way of changing the password.





Insightful One



You don't have to use a TalkTalk e-mail address to register for "My Account". I know my daughter is registered using a Hotmail address.


A long time ago, when my Tiscali e-mail address stopped working on "My Account", I reported it as a problem and it was resolved by TalkTalk creating a new e-mail address for me, which I now use exclusively for TalkTalk related stuff, icluding in this Forum.


I still use my "orphaned" Tiscali e-mail addresses.


Maybe you could try registering for "My Account" using a Hotmail or Gmail address.



First Timer

Arne - thanks for responding. Wow. Someone screwed up royally there then; you have active logins that can't be configured. Major fail.


John - sadly you need an account number to register for My Account, so it's another dead end.


The thing is, I was wanting to change my password because of a suspicion that the the login may have been compromised, so obviously without a facility to change the password there's no way of regaining security.


Though to be honest, the webmail interface at is one of the worst I've seen: links in emails frequently don't work - but will if I forward the whole email to an alternate address, emails being displayed incorrectly, email in folders (randomly) simply not being displayed (i.e. completely blank), and I think there are issues being reported on the login screen more often than problems with the British rail system. I had previously considered transitioning to another mail provider, but I guess that is now the only option :smileyfrustrated:.

Community Team

Hi Sploo


Its something that we have informed our network team about on numerous occasions, sadly no workaround was ever produced.



Insightful One

Hi Sploo


I suppose you have no TalkTalk account number because you do not buy any service from them. I thought you had to have such an account number to register to use this forum.


I think you will have to resort to setting up a new e-mail account elsewhere and then changing a setting through the webmail service to forward all items to your new address, without leaving any on server. At least that way you don't have to notify everyone about your new address straightaway, they will see it when you reply to their e-mail, and you can mention it then.


I have always used Outlook POP e-mail client to access my e-mail accounts, only ever accesing the web mail client if I needed to change a setting, or investigate a problem.


I fully agree with you that TalkTalk's inaction in respect of providing a password change method for the old lineone and tiscali customers is despicable.



First Timer

Hi guys,


Sorry to bump a thread.


My fiance has the same problem - she has used her address for everything for years.


We now have reason to believe that this e-mail address has been compromised and thus sensitive information - and also we think it might be being used to send out spam.


So we want to change the password, but can't. It seems like complete nonsense that they can't help - seems more likely that they simple won't help. Irritatingly, I was a talktalk customer until I rage-quit due to shockingly bad service, so I can't try and somehow bind it to my own account.


What are we meant to do? Is there any avenue we can try?



Insightful One



I am still a TalkTalk customer (ex-Tiscali). It is definitely TRUE that following the takeover by TalkTalk there is NO MECHANISM to change the passwords on the e-mail accounts of the old providers. TalkTalk permit them to continue to be used, even by former customers who no longer have an account with TalkTalk.


Yes it stinks, that you can't change the password.


I have 3 active accounts, but recently I have stopped using one of them and am transitioning all e-mail to a totally different address.


I did this by accessing "Settings - Mail" using the web mail interface, and setting up Auto-forward, without keeping a copy of the forwarded mail. See attached screen shot.


I notice that a bit further up the "Settings - Mail" action list there is an action to Delete the Account. I have not done this because the auto-forwarding is working fine. Once you have done this, you can exclusively use your new account, and let people pick up your new e-mail address as and when.


It is quite unlikely that someone is sending mail from yours or your friend's account, because TalkTalk check that the user of their SMTP server is connected to their network before allowing mail to be sent.


Best of luck in getting out of this pickle.



First Timer

Hi John,


Many thanks for the swift reply and the suggestions.


All the best,