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Cancelling my Talk Talk account. How to go about it?

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Well after a lot of problems since i moved house i have decided to leave TalkTalk.


The price increase letter i recieved said i could cancel free of charge, is this the case? The fact the price is increasing while loosing services and an ever dwindling customer service team is enough to make me move to Sky.


Anyone know how easy it is it to cancel, also will all my services be cut off at once as soon as i cancel? Not that they work anyway so don't suppose it matter!


Thansk in advance! Smiley Happy

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From experience it is best to speak with someone and clarify verbally that you will not be charged to terminate/ what the proceedures are. Once you are happy with the get out terms and conditions i would send a letter to confirm that you have these agreed with a TalkTalk representative. 

Sometimes you may have a cancellation fee? May be worth looking into the terms and conditions or like i mentioned have a TT representative clarify. 


Hope this helps

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So i just called to cancel.

Got told as i am keeping my home phone number my service will be cancelled when Sky take over the number. Is this correct?


 He assured me no charges as per letter i recieved. But if my bill shows a charge i will cancel direct debit and pay only what i owe.


It was all very quick and not very final so i will have to chase them up no doubt.


Another bad Customer Service Experience from TalkTalk...

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Its not uncommen to have the existing line stay till the new service starts. Most companies offer this now so customers are without the phone line/ broadband etc. 


Regarding the no further costs to be aded on i would say it might be a case of having to wait and see, then chase up any charges made. 

Hope it all works out for you. 


Keep us posted 

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I have seen advice on the forum that the procedure to move to another provider from TalkTalk is to sign up for the other provider, and they then inform TalkTalk.


I have seen it stated that you should not institute a close down action yourself with TalkTalk, because that ties up the system and prevents the new provider from transferring the service across. They have to wait until everything is disconnected, and then start a new connection.


I do understand that you want to be sure that TalkTalk will waive the cancellation charge because the reason you are leaving is the tariff change, and so you should ask them to give you that assurance, but avoid instructing TalkTalk to close your service - that should be done by the new provider.

TalkTalk Team



I can confirm there is a transfer going through to complete on the 23rd, in relation to the cancellation charge, your bill is due on the 23rd also, due to this timing I would suggest contacting us when this is received, just to double check, but also you will receive another bill the month later, its possible this will contain the cancellation fee, (if its been applied, hopefully it wont) contact us if so and we will clear it. 


I have placed a note on the account advising that the cancellation fee is not applicable to your account.