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DNS settings

Team Player
Hi, I wonder if you can help.

Ever since I joined talktalk I have found that I get a large number of problems with the DNS

It mainly happens if I restart the router. (which I try not to do if possible)

But the other day we had six power cuts in one evening and each time the router started back up the computer connection reported a DNS problem.

To fix it I sign into my router (Netgear 834G)and on the Basic Settings page I select either get DNS automatically from ISP or I use the Google DNS settings ( I just select the one I am not currently using)and then click apply.

The connection will then come back on.

This problem has only happened since I joined Talk Talk and I was just wondering if you knew why this happened?

Try using alternative DNS servers

Try Googles Namebench to chec for the best, closest and fastest servers for your line

It is a standalone program that needs no insatallation :)
Community Team
If you need any further assistance please let us know.
Team Player
Hi Adrian,
Well really I am still waiting for a response from you or your team. I appreciate the post from TPCR regarding alternative dns servers but I am already using an alternative. And it is still happening.
Surely I shouldn't have to use alternative ones.
What I really want to know is why this is happening. It never happened with my previous broadband suppliers and has really only started since joining talk talk.
Team Player

I guess my question never deserved a reply then?

Very poor.


Popular Poster
What happens if you use the TalkTalk supplied router? Not saying this is the solution but might help identify where the issue is...
Community Team

Hi firstandlast,


I'm really sorry for the delay in responding. I can see from your connections stats that your SNR is dropping very low which can affect the stability and speed of your connection. I've backed the profile off to 12db to see how the connection compares. Please let us know how you get on :smileyhappy:


Team Player
Hi Michelle, thanks for the reply. To be honest Michelle I don't think that is the cause. When I get home I saw that my speed had dropped because of your change and the dns problem had kicked in. So the change you made had two negative effects. Lower speed and dns problem. Is there any chance of putting the db back. To what it was.

Community Team

Hi ,


sorry for the delay in replying.

Does this happen with another router too?


It doesn't sound like a TalkTalk DNS issue as you are finding you have to change either to the TT DNS servers or away from them.

Team Player



The problem started when I joined Talk Talk and seems to happen whatever router I use. I guess it sounds like I will have to learn to live with it.


Did anyone there have a chance of putting my db level back to 6db as I could get a faster speed and my tv service didn't buffer as much as it has done since it was changed at the end of last week.



Wizz Kid

Sounds like your setup on your router isnt right, but the 834g netgear router, is that the silver version 1 or the v2 or v3? I have had several of the white v2 and v3 models in the past and recentley i tried them out before i was going to chuck them, and they all had similar problems to what your having.


There an older router now with older chipsets, Infact thinking about it, My mum had not one but two of them in her old house, and when her internet went down we just swaped out the routers and it came on again.


Id reccomend TT kindly giving you a preconfigured upto date one of theirs for being a loyal customer ;)


Community Team

Hi firstandlast,


I've changed your profile back to 6db as requested. Do you have an alternative router that you can test with?


Team Player

Thanks Michelle,


I will try to get another router to test.


The mad thing is every time I try to log into my talktalk account I keep getting a message saying 


We've identified that your router isn't giving you the best possible broadband performances so we'd like to send you a new one - absolutely free and without commitment- to improve the broadband and WiFi for your home.



Then every time I enter my details as requested it then tells me that i am not allowed one.


I wish it wouldn't offer me these deals if I am not eligable for them.


Community Team

Hi firstandlast,


I'm sorry to hear this. Are you happy for me to send you a replacement router for testing purposes? 


Team Player
Hi Michelle, That would be great. If it works will I be able to keep hold of it ;-)
Community Team

Hi firstandlast,


there is a router on it's way.


Allow 3-5 days for delivery and remember to use all the new components.


Please return the existing router in the prepaid returns bag.