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Homesafe feature will not disable.

Team Player

Can someone please enquire why my homesafe feature will not disable, it indicates "off" but still inhibits websites, thank you.

Team Player


First Timer

Hi there.


sorry for stealing your question, but did you get any answers? i have the same problem and it's very annoying.



Team Player

Hi ponylove,

no i'm afraid i have not had a response to this homesafe issue sorry.


Three months this has been ongoing, the overseas call centres have no idea what i'm talking about, talktalk customer service put in a fault request without asking about the particular fault, check the line and send you a txt explaining the line is ok. The forum is very biased and pro talktalk so all you can do is persevere.

Good luck, you'll need it.

First Timer

Thankyou, i think!  It's all so very annoying that talk Talk instigated something automatically without asking.


Hope you get sorted



Conversation Starter

I guess you would have tried switching it back on and off again.  I would try this and maybe make changes to the settings in between switching it back on again.  Wait until you have the email confirmation that it has been activated as well.


Hope this helps.


Just a quick thought, restarting the router?

Team Player

Thank you Jazztv,

Yes been through all the procedures.

First Timer
me too..........
First Timer

Same here despite folowing talktalk advice(deleting browsing history & trying to reset homesafe settings) . The homesafe app seems to have switched itself on today without me going near it, & I now cannot access various sites I look at every day, bookmakers etc. Its very annoying. If anyone gets this reolved please advise.




I have moved your topic for OCE attention, it may be that you need an account reset or similar to enable homesafe to be properly deactivated.


In the meantime, log in to your router and change the DNS from 'auto' which uses Talk Talk DNS servers and will be affected by Homesafe to your own DNS server IP.s.


You could use Googles;


primary -

secondary -


Or OpenDNS;


OpenDNS also have their own filtering system you can use if you need one, and it is in my own opinion far more configurable that Talk Talks...


(Choose the free option);




Team Player

Thanks for your reply Fred, yes, changed DNS to Googles a while back.

An account reset on TAltalks side sounds interesting although getting them to do it is even more interesting, as i said, i put in a fault request, even giving a couple of examples of sites i cannot get to, and all i get is a txt saying "your line is ok" or  to that effect.

Thanks again.

Community Team

Hi JimbasejIm


The problem is that your router has the wrong username and password, for some reason your router is authenticating using a number that isn't yours ending in 1931.


The actual customer who's details you are using has homesafe active.


So we need you to login to you router and see if there are any login details populated in the username and password fields, if so remove them and add your own details this will resolve the problem.


Let me know if you cant locate your own username and password.



Team Player

Firstly, thanks Arne for getting back.


My router is authenticating using a number that isn't mine ending in 1931? I take it these are the last for digits of my home number? If so, yes, they are incorrect, mine are 2209.


My password and username are the same as the "Welcome" brochure info  i received so i have no other info to replace this. I did try replacing with an other name but the system will not allow and sets it back. I therefore re-entered the brochure info as originally. 


Something i am missing or does this make sense?


username is usually


all ADSL settings here;


  • Username: this will be your telephone number followed by - for example,
  • Password: enter your broadband password here
  • VPI: 0
  • VCI: 38
  • MTU: 1432
  • DNS settings: Set as automatic (or similar)
  • Encapsulation: PPP over ATM (PPPoA) using VC-MUX
  • Modulation Type: Auto


automated password retrieval service on 0870 0875 562 at any time. Calls are free from your TalkTalk home phone line.



If it won't take your settings, use reset hole, use paperclip and press/hold for 10 seconds. Then you will need to enter the details as above.



Team Player

Yes settings are as they should be, all as per welcome brochure, my and password from brochure.


This is why i cannot understand how you are seeing someone elses number.

Community Team



The details in your welcome pack are wrong, the details you have is another customers detials.


So If you fill out this form, where it asks for twitter name,  you enter: Forum jimbasejimi,  fill out the rest of the form, after you submit it you should recieve a 12 digit reference code, if you post it here, once recieved I will email you the correct login detials.


This will solve the problem. 

Team Player

Ok thanks again for your involvement. I have entered "forum jimbasejimi" on "twitter name" and sent, waiting for email now.

Will reply as soon as i get 12 digit reference code.


The only thing that confuses me, is that the telephone number on the brochure is correct for my line, maybe the password is the problem?

Anyway we will see :)


Edit: Just received 2 emails, first to verify my sent form, with my details. 

Second with incident number (Your incident number is 130926-003186.)

Hopefully this is what you require.

Community Team



I emailed you the correct login details



Team Player

Thanks Arne, the details that you sent are the correct details already in router.

Where we go from here i'm not sure?

Community Team



Sorry for the delay


Ok  I'm going to send a new router, somehow when the connection hits our server it shows the wrong authentication details. If this doesn't work I will pass this back to our network team.


The new Router should be with you shortly