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How long should I expect to wait for reply to my letter

First Timer
Hi. Can anyone please tell me from experience how long TalkTalk takes to respond to letters? I wrote to TalkTalk's correspondence department in Southampton on 14 November and am still waiting for a reply. I asked Customer Service yesterday how long I should expect to wait for a reply and they said a minimum of one month and a maximum of a month and a half. They also confirmed that TalkTalk does not acknowledge receipt of letters apart from the eventual reply.

Hi tabasco and welcome to the forums. Smiley Happy

Unless the issue is of a particularly personal nature, then feel free to post the details on here and I can assure you that the forum support staff (OCE) will not leave you waiting that long.

As a first step, please respond to the Security Questions, when you get the incident number post it on here.

Kind regards,
TalkTalk Team
Hi tabasco.

Thanks for your post.

I can take up to 28 days to receive a reply from correspondence, as redchiz, has said if you want us to answer any questions we are here to help.

If you can answer the security questions in the previous post , it will help speed up the response time.