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Incorrect Billing - Two payments taken days apart

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Having just spent 90 minutes online and on the phone to TalkTalk I am hoping that the OCE’s can assist.


Sadly on September 21st, 2018 my father the TalkTalk account holder at my parents address passed away. Around September 29th I contacted TalkTalk to inform them and have the account transferred in to my mothers name with no change to the service that they have had for many years.


On the expected date of 1st October TalkTalk took payment from my parents bank account the sum of £29.00 


On 12th October TalkTalk then took a further “First Payment” of £32.25


The phone number and location has not changed neither has the account that you collect the money from, the only thing that has changed is the TalkTalk account owners name. So why are you taking £61.25 in just a matter of days? Their account has never been in debt.


I have tried to activate my moms ownership of the account for online management and billing etc but TalkTalk entered the wrong email address so we can’t receive the email with the code in it to complete set up.


As the call centre route wasn’t able to help can an OCE please advise what’s going on with the two payments and also get my moms email address corrected?


I’ve added my parents landline number, names and email addresses to the private notes section of my profile.


Considering what my mom is currently “going through” the online or call centre could not have been anymore unhelpful.


I really hope you can help me sort this out quickly.


Many thanks in advance.


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Thanks for the update. 


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Many thanks for your help with this.


I've sucessfully set-up my mothers online "my account" access today.




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HI @AldridgeAndy


The gmail address is now showing as correct.  


So the forgotten password link should now be possible, allowing access to My Account. 


The old email addresses will remain active.


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Are there any further updates you can offer?


Email addresses associated with account set up must change occasionally or the odd typo must occur. Is TalkTalk’s CRM / Back Office unable to cope with this?


Could you also confirm that all email addresses associated with my fathers ownership of the TalkTalk account will also continue to function in to the future? 


Many Thanks.


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Hi AldridgeAndy


Im trying to get the Gmail address corrected, which is proving a bit difficult so Ive asked our My Account team to help, they are currently having the same problem I encountered. 


Also I confirm there will be no extra charges. 


Ill get back to you when i know more. 


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Hi @Arne-TalkTalk


Thanks for your ongoing assistance. Today my mother received this rather confusing and badly constructed email from TalkTalk. You would think that frontline staff should have a decent understanding of the english language...




Now three points to raise...


The operative above was able to email my mother on the exact same email address as I have noted for her within my private notes section. This is her preferred email address and the one that we would like to be associated with her "My Account".


Secondly, the alternative email address is a Gmail address that she simply has because she has an android phone and for no other reason. However when the talktalk staff took details of this email address they typed "Gmail" incorrectly.


Finally no matter how we look at this, my mother cannot currently have access to "My Account" online as you either need to assign her preferred TalkTalk email address to her account or if this really isn't possible you will need to correctly input the alternative address. As this issue is outside of our control and is firmly with TalkTalk can you assure me that until this is resolved we will not and should not be charged any extra for not managing the account online?


I do really appreciate your assistance and once my mothers preferred email address is associated with the account we can activate online account management and see the credit has happened from when my father owned the account to now my mother owning it.


Many thanks, Andrew.


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Hi @AldridgeAndy


I will speak to the My Account team and get back to you. 


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Thank you for a positive response.

If "push comes to shove" and you really can't reinstate my mothers TalkTalk email address, could you please correct the typo error with the Gmail one that you have on record so that we can use that.

It's just that familiarity with her TalkTalk email address just makes things a whole lot easier and she would be able to look after things herself.

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No problem ,


The email address is an issue,  Standard response is that it cant be done as its already linked to the old disconnected account. 


But I will see what can be done. 


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Many thanks for this... so much easier to work with you guys than the on-line and telephone customer facing team.


Could you also help with getting my mothers email address asssociated with the new account please so I can help her register / activate her on-line account?


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Hi @AldridgeAndy


Whats happened is that they payment taken on the old account  has been refunded back to that account, I have made a request to have the £26.14 credit transferred over to the new account, this can then be used against the next bill. 


Hope that makes sense. 


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Many thanks for this, if we can get the payments taken sorted out and then online account management set up for my moms talktalk email address we're hopefully back to where we need to be.


Support Team
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Hi AldridgeAndy


I will look into this for you and get back to you, I suspect that the account change has generated a new payment/direct debit date.