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TalkTalk ripped me off many - why that ?

First Timer

:smileymad: On 17.09.2013 have ordered the full package - vibre optic broadband , tv packet , landline by TalkTalk.

TalkTalk promised to deliver all that 26.09.2013 & to send a engineer to connect.

Have tooken a day off work to be at home .

Nobody came , later on have new message from TalkTalk next instalation term. week later .

Have tooken a day of work 

Nobody came :smileymad:

Later on new message telling me that a engineer will came to check landline socket to be sure that they can connect everything. Nobody came :smileymad:

again a day day off from work tooken.

Have contacted customer service & explaining my situation , they promise to send someone to fix problems.

A engineer from TalkTalk came checked landline socet , he told me that the landline is off , they will have to conect a new one .


Next day have contacted BT & they send a engineer who came to my house , checked the socket & told me that everything is fine , no problems at all & a can conect my phone .

Have contacted TalkTalk to tell them that TalkTalk engineer was wrong or he have no knowlege about & everything works.

They promise to deliver all that again - router, fibre box,tv view .

In between have payid £114 for landline - 18.09.2013 and £ 28.50 service usage at 11.10.2013

Again have contacted TalkTalk customer service , asking when can a expect  router , fibre box & tv view box delivery :smileymad:


They told me again that they send it allready but they ben not able to tell me the truck number . Have contacted Royal Mail , they told me that they dont have any delivery order to my address from TalkTalk.


Again have contacted TalkTalk customer service to find out whats is going on :smileymad:


Today a month after ordering by TalkTalk  17.10.2013  have contacted TalkTalk customer service asking for information.

Nobody was able to find anything , they asked me to check if my broadband is working :smileymad: 

have still nicely expalained that have nothing , no router , no fibre box , no tv view box.


My landline is working & ben calling using TalkTalk number 02030922196


Again they promised to deliver , but they ben not able to tell me when :smileymad:

You have to wait till you router arrive , you have to conect the router & call TalkTalk , after that TalkTalk will send a engineer to conect the rest - thats the TalkTalk answer from today 17.10.2013


( all the conversation as far as a know are recordet by TalkTalk for furter training - maybe someone will listen to that )


Allready have new bill from TalkTalk set for 04.11.2013 to pay for using TalkTalk :smileymad:


Have asked on the phone talking to customer service if am realy conected to TalkTalk service , or is it a fake one , because I can"t belived whats going on :smileymad: 


Im starting to belive that some gang of finacial frauders is using me to make many 

After a long coversation the voice at customer service promised me that they will send monday 21.10.2013 all whats needed & 29.10.2013 everything will be conected.


Becasue that is a 5 or 6 promise from TalkTalk im not believing that anyway :smileymad:


Have told them , that I will go to my bank asking to stop the direct debit for TalkTalk & will contact  Ombudsman service 

because a suspect Im ripped off by TalkTalk & they broke contact & promises


I just can"t belive that someone is handling with me like that :smileymad:


Its a shame , its awfull .


No one from TalkTalk even said sorry for that  :smileymad:


Instead they starting to blaming me for making problems & they ben very rude on the phone.


I just hope TalkTalk stop ripping People off many , using tricks like that .


So whats now ? after that ?


I expect a profesional service , wish to talk to someone who is responsible &who know whats he is talking about.

I expect a quick reaction , next day delevivery i conection.

I expect a refund of all finacial costs - ben paying for nothing two bills already - As a selfemployed person , because of TalkTalk misleading information  have ben a couple days out of work , not doing my job . Monday 21 10.2013 will be one more day :smileyfrustrated: , dasway TalkTalk please make the many ready !!!

If that not hapened will first wait whats Ombudsman can do about , then will ask my solicitor to take action & we met with TalkTalk in the court of justice to find out who is who.







Community Team

Hi Janusz


Thank you for your post.


Please accept my apologies for the problems you have encountered, its disappointing to read that the we have let you down on these occasions.


Your issue requires investigation, and I would suggest raising a complaint to our CEO's office, you can find the instructions on how to raise a complaint here


Once your issue has been resolved if you have any further questions please dont hesitate to contact us again.





First Timer

Thanks for you reaply , but whats can a say after :smileymad:


After a long coversation the voice at customer service promised me that they will send monday 21.10.2013 all whats needed & 29.10.2013 everything will be conected.


Whats happened today 21.10.2013 


nothing happened . The promise to call me today done by TalkTalk customer service & provide me truck number broken again.


All the day ben waiting , no phone call from TalkTalk, no delivery.


Maybe TalkTalk did not find my phone number ? 


* not the case :smileymad: in the afternoon  have recived a phone call from TalkTalk mobile , they ben offering me a mobile contract 


Its mean TalkTalk need more many from me . OK people if you need many a have a good solution for you & a idea how to make many .


Just start working , hard working like most People in the UK , respect you customers , respect the law .


Because its seams  TalkTalk team is not good educated , laizy & simple ignorant .

Im offering you TalkTalk  team People a free training about customer service , just call me on my number provided above .


TalkTalk can provide a good service , especialy here in London . I have ben refered to TalkTalk by frends & a know no one ben waiting longer then 2-3 weeks till everything was ready & instaled .


But in my case you TalkTalk people have shown 100% of ignorance , disrespect . You customer service team is a group of unprofesional people .

Community Team



Thank you for your post, 


I'm sorry that you are unhappy with our service,  I can see on the day of your post that you spoke to a complaint manager who explained that the Fibre service is due to complete on the 29th  this was delayed by the engineer, due to unforeseen circumstances.


We can only apologise for any inconvenience that this issue may have caused you. We aim to provide the highest level of customer care and its disappointing to read that we have let you down on this occasion.


Sadly there isn't much we can do until the fibre order is complete so after this time if you have any further questions please dont hesitate to contact us again.


Kind Regards