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Unable to DETECT TalkTalk Wireless Connection!

First Timer

Good evening all,


I was hoping someone might be able to help me with a problem I have been having all day, with regards to my new TalkTalk unlimited broadband package.

My activation date is today - and yes, I realise it is still not 00:00 as I type this, but please bear with me. Simply put, my desktop's wireless network adapter cannot detect my TalkTalk network. The reason I am slightly alarmed is that my small laptop recognises my new TalkTalk network, and can successfully connect to it (verified by browsing etc) - it has done since about midday. Therefore, I presume I have 'gone live'.

On my desktop, I am using Windows 8x64bit, and the wireless network adapter I am using  is a Netgear USB Stick - WNA1100. After checking Device Manager, its drivers are apparently up-to-date, I have reinstalled the device, and I can think of no other reasons it might be the problem.


FYI:    - Router's SSID is broadcasting.

          - I don't know enough about the different channels to have meddled with any its settings.


I am currently connected to (and have been for about 10 days, waiting for TalkTalk internet!) a nearby BTWifi hotspot using the same wireless adapter. For this reason I am at a complete loss, which is why I am using the forums Smiley Happy


If anyone could shed some (much needed) light on my predicament, I would be most appreciative. It's kind of getting urgent now, as I have just started back at Uni, and well, I will require constant internet access.








P.S sorry for the long post!


TalkTalk Team

Hi wildgeodude,


Welcome to the Community, apologies for the delay.


If you are still experiencing problems could you please complete the Personal Information section of your Personal Profile (My Settings : Personal Profile), making sure to include your TalkTalk landline telephone number and we'll be happy to look into this for you.