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Wifi not working!!

First Timer
Me and my partner have been with talk talk since August but as we had changed over from another service we didn't start using it until a couple of months ago. It has never been great but the past few weeks the wifi would lose connection on our iPad and iPhones. We would have to turn the router off and on again and that seemed to work but this past week the wifi has not worked at all. We phoned talk talk yesterday and while we were being talked through what we needed to do surprisingly the wifi connected. Today the wifi worked this morning but it has not worked since then. The Internet light on the router flickers them goes green. We go upstairs to use the laptop or the iPad and it doesn't work. Talk talk appears as an available connection but when we try to connect it say unable to connect to network. This has been the worst Internet we've ever used and I find it very suspicious that the wifi was fixed so quickly when we phoned talk talk yet today it doesn't work. Can someone please help us? Well be phoning talk talk straight away tomorrow morning but we shouldn't have to ring talk talk and go through the long process of the automated voice and waiting to be out through to someone before we can use our wifi. Thanks.
Community Team

Hi Alfie37,


I'm sorry to hear you've had problems with your WIFI.


I can arrange a call for you from a Faults Manager to help get this sorted.

The call would be 0900-1800 Monday to Friday, when would suit you best?



I joined TT last August too. Plus I kept my other provider for an extra week  Good job as, like yourself, when I came to use it nothing worked. I called and an enginner came out a few days later. He told me that my 3 year old laptop's wireless software was too old for TT's router. He searched for an update and downloaded this for me - plus a virus. After a trip to the repair shop, I tried the wifi again. Nothing. I bought another laptop that was 12 months old. Still no good. I bought an older TT router. Still no good. I have to use wired which works fine. I have phoned many times but was eventually told I would have to live with it.. I have a business and many of my products are sold on ebay so I am constantly checking emails and tracking sales. Now, I have to sit in one place to do my work. Not ideal. I have 2 mobile phones and an ipad on contract with 3 and have been looking for another supplier. I don't think I will be using TT and once my TT broadband/phone contract is up I will be gone. I cannot believe that in 2014 a company cannot supply wireless internet.

Community Team

Hi ijdavenport


Please can you create a new thread and we can look into this further.