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cannot send email

Hi, I have had a TalkTalk account now the 2 years - no problems.

I have now had to go into hospital where I will be for 4 weeks. I have brought in my Laptop - which is what I use normally, I have no other computer. I use windows 7 and Windows Live Mail.

The ward I am in has its own network hub and I have connected to this it is a BT Fusion - 4743 setup.

The internet works fine and I can post - such as this - to sites and face book without a problem.

My problem is I can receive but not send emails :confused:

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Warning, I am not a techy:)
Morning :)
You need to change the 'send' settings to use the servers belonging to the ISP which is providing the service via the hospital hub - you can only use Outgoing mail (SMTP) Server: when connected over a talktalk line.
If you can find out which ISP is being used then I'm sure we can find the right settings for you & tell you how to enter them into livemail.
Thanks Dave,
I presume to get that information I will need to speak to the person who set it up or can get into the hub?

I will speak to the nurses and see what they know or if they have any documentation.


Dave(yes, it is my name as well :) )
The nurses are unlikely to have the information you require, it would be easier whilst you are in the hospital to use the e-mail accounts from within a web browser, this will work regardless of which network you are on.

For Hotamil/Windows Live the sign in page is here;

For Google mail here;

For Yahoo here;

For Talk Talk Web mail log in here;

Hi Fred, Yes you were right they do not have that level of information.

I have opened up a windows live hotmail account but am having some difficulty bringing accross my email addresses. No matter what box I tick it only brings across the Name and not the actually email address. I am trying to export as a .CSV file.

canyou help me on this?

Many thanks David
Hi Dom
You don't need to try and import them, that is why they are failing, log in to your new hotmail account, and at the far right of the screen under your name, click on the 'options', then 'more options' bit.
This will open to another area of your hotmail account where you can add other accounts (click on sending/recieving mail from other accounts), you put the details of your other accounts in here, you only need the account name and password, hotmail will do the rest, and when you log in to hotmail, it will 'fetch' the mail for you, just like outlook does.
You can add as many accounts as you like here.
Hmmm, once again the 'new' mail systems are thwarting me, the new AOL webmail site won't allow 'POP3' log ins from Hotmail, only IMAP, and hotmail doesn't support this, which web mail site are you trying to get your e-mail from?
If it is talk talk, then it is now on an AOL site, and this now uses IMAP by the seem, and outlook supports this, IMAP also has no restrictions on where it is downloaded from, so may work from your normal outlook program even from another network.
The AOL settings that you need can be found here;
The link is for outlook 2000, but should be the same steps for outlook express.
Hi Fred, I am using Windows 7, Windows Live Mail 11.


The trouble you have Dom, is that the incoming will always work from anywhere at all, but outbound mail has to go through the local networks e-mail SMTP server to work, and hence your problem in the live mail program.
By far the easiest thing to do for the present would be to just access your mail through a web browser directly from the talk talk site, this doesn't have these restrictions.
If you are determined to be able to use your normal e-mail program whilst in hospital, I have been thinking about how you might find out your local SMTP server location, open a command prompt (type 'cmd' in the search bar bottom left by the start button, and then when you see it in the list above, right click on it and choose 'run as admin') , and try running a tracert command to another website, i.e.
In the list it will give you of it's 'hops' it has taken to get to google, you should have the name of your local 'hospital network' as an entry in the list, it will be the first or second entry, try using this to set up your 'outgoing' SMTP server whilst you are in the hospital.
i.e; if the network name is given as then you would try for the outgoing SMTP server settings for instance.