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fao OCE Arne

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Time and again I have seen adverts which have included the offer of free anytime calls but whenever I have asked CHAT to help me apply them, they have basically said "computer says no".


If you look at my various CHAT notes you'll see that this is consistently the approach they have taken with me, but some people do succeed simply by asking on CHAT. This seems very unfair.


The last time it happened was re the offer which expired on 3rd May on Comparethemarket. The CHAT representatives tend to deny the very existence of the offers even when it has been pointed out to them that some of their colleagues are helping people set them up.


I don't want to risk losing my reduced rate calls for the sake of the offer, by fiddling with removing the boost I already have, as it may all go horribly wrong, but the money that could have been saved would have been appreciated.


For those of us who are bothering to keep our eyes open this nevertheless becomes a huge time waster every time it happens.


In your capacity as an OCE can you guarantee helping me with this the next time I spot the offer and try to apply it? I just need reassurance that it is TT policy to actually honour the promise to match best offers available.


So far, Talktalk has been so fickle about this that it leaves a bad taste and I cease to trust anything this company promises. It is breaking down its relationship by making it so difficult.


I really shouldn't even have to ask that TT should fulfill its mission statement and I get very upset when those advisers say I don't qualify for the offer when any customer actually has a right to have it honoured after a brief qualifying period in a contract.


Or is that not actually TT's honest intention?




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Thanks for moving the message to the correct section!
Community Team - TT Staff

Hi @Gliwmaeden2


Our policy is to offer existing customers new deals offered to new customers. 


If you see a new offer then, you have to renew your contract via our loyalty team, Unfortunately we cant re-contract you on the community as a full compliance script needs to be given and agreed too, otherwise it would be a mis-sell, however if you use the chat facility and agree a new contract and for some reason what is applied to the account is not what was agreed, as long as I can find the chat transcript I can step in and modify the account. 



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I don't have any problem with the full compliance script and setting up of a new contract with the CHAT advisers, except that they keep simply denying the existence of the offers in question. I get "appeased" into a "satisfactory" new deal, which is good value but never as good as the advertised offer, particularly when it comes to applying the free boost.


I always take a screenshot of the offer. Next time I will risk applying it myself and ask you to sort out the mess later! 🙂


I can probably get by for a few days using my mobile while the boost gets sorted..... but nevertheless I still feel customers shouldn't have to and very few seem to know about forum help. Most must be overpaying.