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wireless connection

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My work laptop, which detects wireless networks in the office, so I know it works, does not detect my home wifi, which is on and connecting to other devices (other laptop, tablet and mobile). I have tried setting up a new connection but I am a bit bamboozled by all the usernames and passwords that I seem to have so I'm not sure what goes in which field. For example I am asked for my iSP - is that TalkTalk? phone  This may not even be the answer to this problem but I am stuck at this hurdle (and helpline somewhere in India couldn't fix it either so I'm reluctant to get on the phone again)


Anyone experienced similar difficulties?



Your ISP is TalkTalk

First Timer

Thanks! I'll try again.

TalkTalk Team

Hi eileenhelen,


Welcome to the Community


Generally all you would need to do to connect your laptop to the router wirelessly is to scan for available networks and when your TalkTalk router appears in the list click connect and enter the password (this is on a label on the router)


Please see the following help article for full instructions (Part 8 gives instructions for the wireless connection)



First Timer

Yes I've been through all that but still no wireless networks detected. I am getting a different work laptop next week so I'm giving up on this one for the meantime, in the hope that the other one will not have the same problem. If it does, I'll be back!


TalkTalk Team

Please let us know how you get on either way.