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4K TalkTalk TV box

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I wish to draw the attention of the individual/s who is/are in a position to look into the problem brought upon to us by your latest 4K TalkTalk TV box. 

My husband is an IT /Internet competent man with the experience from his job. He installed it by following what seemed easy and user friendly instructions. After completion successfully we realised that this small TV box is inadequate and problematic in many ways as I explain below:

(1) The 4k box itself hasn't got the technology capability for recording programmes

(2) USB memory stick with minimum 32 GB is needed to be inserted at the back of the box for recording

(3) Only one programme can be recorded at one time compared to the previous TalkTalk box that enabled two other programmes to be recorded whilst watching a third channel. With this 4k box and USB memory stick we can only record the same programme if we are watching it same time. I tried to watch a different channel whilst tried to record a soap from another channel, but it doesn't allow. 

(4) After I recorded just one programme I went to play it back but the tv screen kept turning on and off and I could hear the sound only. Then I noticed the recorded programme not only of poor quality but it kept jumping from one point to another thus missing the programme in between.

This 4K TalkTalk TV box is not an upgrade. It's definitely a downgrade with the above explained problems. We contacted TalkTalk and requested for the previous-type box but we were told they are being phased out. We looked on line and found out the TalkTalk TV Plus box is available for buying at a cost of £149.00

(5) The 4k box slowed down the functions on out TV

We strongly feel that all 4K TalkTalk TV Boxes should be recalled and we all should be provided with the available TalkTalk TV Plus boxes until they make an upgraded box with the technological capacity that we all expect in 2022. If this course of action is not taken and prioritised there is a potential risk of TalkTalk losing a very high number of it's customers and the consequence of that is obvious !

I must add that after contacting the TalkTalk customer service their manager phoned us on two occasions and he was very understanding. We hope this issue will be taken up seriously and resolved urgently in order to prevent TalkTalk customers from leaving.

Kind Regards:

Mrs. Miah




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FTA: fre55die

Today bought a brand new 64GB USB stick (make: Integral) from Tesco Supermarket and tried it on our 4K box. Unfortunately, we are experiencing the same problem. After the USB stick was fully initialised we tried to record just one programme. We were watching BBC 1 and the recording was on ITV that started a few minutes later. As soon as the recording started the screen went off for about 1 minute then it came back on. We carried on watching BBC 1 but the TV kept going on and off after every few minutes. We then tried to watch the recorded programme from ITV. It recorded the programme but the fast forward function did not work. I can't understand how no one else has experienced any issue with the 4K box. My husband is IT literate as his work is in that area so it is not due to the lack of our ability in IT that we are faced with this problem.
All could be resolved if TalkTalk could send us the previous type box or the TalkTalk Plus box. We will happily return the 4K box back to TalkTalk. But no one is trying to help us. We are being told the previous type of boxes are no longer available. However, TalkTalk Plus box is available for buying online for £149.00 !!!
I am so frustrated and feel like I am now against the wall with this issue. Very disappointed.

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As fre55die mentions, recording issues can be caused / affected by the type of USB stick or device connected as not all USB sticks are equal.


As to the performance of the box itself, or affecting a TV, we have not seen this previously, and I've been using the 4K TV box for nearly a year now with no performance issues.  The Boxes themselves are provided by a 3rd party company and not manufactured by TalkTalk, and are used by many companies around the world with no reported issues in general.




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Hi @Sandra1479 


I totally agree.


Regarding your point 3, myself and a number of fellow users have found that a simple aerial splitter with one aerial lead to the box and the other lead directly to the TV allows watching a different channel whilst recording another one.


The box that is available from the TT shop for £149 is not the plus (recording) box but, the Lite (non-recording) box.


I have not found poor quality recordings, however a few people have reported that if you use a cheap unknown, or Ebay "knock off" USB stick this can be the case.


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