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Loss of TV Channels - 700 MHz Clearance

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I apologise if this topic has already been covered elsewhere.


There is an ongoing programme of transmitter multiplex (MUX) changes that can cause channels to be lost, in particular BBC News HD.


Details of the changes can be found on the Digital UK Website, using the search term '700MHz clearance'.


I'm in the Crystal Palace service area which has fared particularly badly from the latest change. Previously, all eight MUX were within the scope of a Group A antenna (channels 21 - 35).


On 21 Mar 2018, COM7 and COM8 MUX were transferred to channels 55 and 56 respectively, resulting in the loss of a number of TV channels including BBC News HD.


Retuning failed to find the new MUX and their associated TV channels.


In order to recover these lost TV channels it has been necessary to install a Group T antenna covering channels 21 - 60. Whilst this has enabled the lost TV channels to be recovered, their signal strength is marginal suggesting that the masthead amplifier also needs replacing, as it's old enough to be a Group A design as well.



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Hi @fre55die

Thanks for adding the links.


Unfortunately I don't qualify for a free replacement aerial, but what is particularly galling is that COM7 and COM8 have now been put into the very band that's being cleared.


So at some point, in the not so distant future, either the TV channels will be lost or they will be moved, presumably to below channel 49. What's the betting they end up back in Group A?


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Hi @csquared2


The best thing is to contact FREEVIEW who will replace your aerial etc. for free providing that you don't have cable or satellite. They replaced mine for free.

Freeview contact Crystal Palace (Greater London, England) Full Freeview transmitter | UK Free TV 🇬🇧 🆓.📺  


This is for Crystal Palace but you can search for your transmitter from the menu on the top left of the homepage if you are in another area.


AND the contact number is here.

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