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Multiple problems with TV Plus box

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Our Talktalk TV Plus box has several issues at the moment. A few weeks ago we started having problems recording - you press the record button and nothing happens (even though we have over 70% storage free). Then we were having trouble waking the box up - pressing the power button on the remote didn't work and we had to turn the box off at the back, then wait for ages while it started up. We have checked the standby settings and the box on 'SMART'. It's now at the stage where it never just turns on - watching TV is always preceded by a 10 minute ritual of turning the box off at the back and waiting while it loads. The box also freezes whenever we select the BBC iPlayer app (it may also freeze with other apps but this is the one we are currently trying to use) - it gets stuck on the loading screen and the only thing that works is turning the box off at the back. We have done two maintenance resets - most recently we have discarded all recordings but the problems still persists. This box is almost exactly a year old - we had our previous box replaced due to similar issues last April. Is anyone able to help with this? Many thanks.


Support Team
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Hi DenilCartel


You can try the full factory reset from the settings menu, but if this fails to resolve, then we can offer a replacement box.  TalkTalk no longer provide a recording box and the box provided now is the Lite Box.





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