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Now TV Sky Sports membetship

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Talktalk having sent an email to one of my addresses which cannot activate the link to add Sky Sports have told me nothing can be done  -annoyed can not be sent to my other address, although both are known to talktalk.

Can anyone advise me how to join Now Tv and add Sky Sports so I am able to wAtch it on my TV even though I will have to pay Now,s full subscription of about £34 instead of the £20 had talktalk been more helpful to this 86 year-old. Thank you.


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Maybe you missed seeing the information in the TalkTalk help content? Or your device isn't allowing you to click on links that would have taken you to the NOW website? When the email from TalkTalk arrived it would be to your TalkTalk MyAccount email address. But you couldn't activate the offer via the link.


You want to join Now as their customer so here's the website address to use:

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Hi @ThePenkethPedan 


Have you set up a "Now" account in your own name. With payment options and credentials, a user name and password ?


All of your transactions will be directly with NOW.

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Thank you, but can not locate the TV forum, just a list of articles thereon.

Anyway You appear to have missed the point : I am giving up on the talktalk Now email activation as it is obviously beyond the capacity of talktalk to provide an email to an appropriate email address

What I would like is info on how to join Now Tv with Sky Sports without any connection to talktalk membetship.


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Hi ThePenkethPedan 


I've moved this post to the TV forum because it's essentially about a TV subscription. About NOW


The subscription activation is via a link in the email.


To view the email sign in to TalkTalk Mail if that's the email address you use for your billing notifications.


Select here: Sign in to TalkTalk Mail

Enter your full TalkTalk Mail email address and password, select Sign in.


If the link is not active but has been blocked by the mail service because it's part of an external image then there should be an indicator in the email display to select to show the image link. Or the link may have been blocked by the browser's built in protection or an external virus protection in which case temporarily disable the protection.

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