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Restricted channels disabled yet being prompted to enter PIN

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Trying to watch a program on History channel (current time 1945) and being prompted every time I switch to the channel to enter my parental control PIN. I have parental controls disabled in settings so why is this suddenly happening?


My TV provider has no right to select by default what I choose to watch in my own home.


Is it maybe a blanket GDPR related update or something?


Please advise as this is unacceptable.


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Cheers. Other than sport hardly ever watch/record any TV from before 8pm so I guess I have simply never encountered it until now. I remember Sky boxes did it when they introduced the all day movie channels but I still thought you could disable it on them (maybe it was a 'hack' I got off the internet to do so, too long ago to remember).


It was One Night in Turin that required the PIN, so presumably the concern is over Gazza using a few sweary words, or something similarly inoffensive when compared to actual horrors that go on in the world.


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Regardless of parental settings certain channels require a PIN for certain programmes before the watershed, this has long been the case.