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Retain Entertainment Boost at renewal.

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Good evening,

My contract is up for renewal in just over a month.  I currently have Faster Fibre, Speed boost, TV with Entertainment Boost (TV box can record) and unlimited UK calls on my landline.  I am not a fan of accessing TV via an app, despite the 'benefits' of this method.

My question is this - how do I get a price for keeping my package 'as is' when it isn't available anywhere on the online platform?  Will a call to a customer service agent be of any use or is their now an insistence that you move to NOW TV?

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope someone can advise.

Many thanks!


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I did manage to keep my entertainment boost when I renewed my package in November at the full £14 PM for it. It was a struggle but worth it for me as probably the channel that I watch the most is ALIBI. The boost channels will be removed soon at some unknown date in "early 2022" no specific date though.


As @Gliwmaeden2 said, officially we won't be able to include it at renewal but. with negotiating it can be done. Your new BB package will be Fibre 65 and I did also manage to get the anytime calls included for free for the full 24 months.


So negotiating is the only way and you may succeed if you are lucky.

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The Entertainment Boost would be lost, @SBeevers. See here:


For your main Broadband package, Fibre65 will be the match for what you currently have. 


Take a note of what they say your expected speeds and guaranteed minimum speed should be with the new contract.


Check the status of your Anytime Calls boost too. They may be able to offer a discounted price for it. Minimum term for the boost is one month.


Discuss all with an agent on 03451 720046 (the LOYALTY team) or on Chat:


Dealing directly with an agent tends to get you a better deal than clicking through an email  / My Account,  but do a bit of homework first on the main Talktalk website and third party publicity to give you a sense of the going rate for offers etc.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.