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Talk Talk TV Box Picture Breaking up

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I have had two TT TV boxes to date since last October, both with the problem in the Title

After the first engineer visit, he told us there was nothing wrong with the box, I queried

the bad signal strength of 48-52% on Freeview BBC 1 channel, he advised me it may

be 4G interference from a local mast and we needed a 4G, so I obtained one and

fitted, no diference, so I contacted my aerial installer who fitted a new masthead

amplifier+ a better 4G filter, no difference, so I checked the signal on my Smart TV

it was 100% Signal and 100% Quality, so I requsted another engineer visit, and

after checking what he did before, he installed a new box, it improved for a couple

of days then when the same as the new box, I was not pleased at all, so I requested

through Customer Services, to send the box back, as not fit for purpose, we now

live happily on our Smart TV with a external Hard Drive to record any live TV

Today I recieved a text message from TT, to ask if my complaint was still open

but as we do not use a TT landline I could not reply, if Karl is reading this, can he

please advise Customer Service & Tech Help, to notify, that I have closed my

complaint now, as we only have Faster Fibre service only now


Thank you...


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HI I’m now finding my broadband is dropping in and out intermittently . Watching videos they keep stopping and starting . I seem to be rebooting the router every hour almost unworkable and I work from homw

any advice , Reid reboots, retune , change channel. Line test says ok but I live on a farm  so fairly rural 



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Hi @simon-7


I don't know where you live but a lot of transmitters needed yet another retune on Saturday/Sunday following the main one on 23 March.

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Hi @simon-7


FREEVIEW are purely over the airwaves so internet connection doesn't come into the equation. Try unplugging aerial and doing a retune, it will show no channels found but will clear the memory, then plug in aerial again and retune.

With the aerial throughput enabled what is the picture like on the TV with the TT box on standby? If it is poor then it sounds like a dodgy aerial lead from box to TV as the TV will be picking up the signal directly from the aerial.


If that doesn't work then please post a new topic on forum for support as I am just a customer like you.

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Yep Freeview channels . I he retunwd numerous times and followed the advice of various replies on the forum . HD channels from 101 onwards perfect, other Freeview channels from 1 upwards are terrible . Running internet via high spec power adapters, catchup etc works perfectly. Related to this maybe my WiFi drops speeds continuously , had BT broadband before which appeared to be way more reliable . Any ideas ?

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Hi @simon-7


Could you please start your own thread for support as each problem is individual and needs investigating separately. Could you please also ensure that your community profile includes your PHONE NUMBER as OCE's will need this to tie up your screen name to your account. (click on your avatar to view the information, Settings, Personal information, then scroll to the bottom of page and click save)


I am assuming that you are talking about FREEVIEW channels. Catchup channels are received over the internet. Just one thought have you enabled the aerial passthrough, YV button on remote > Settings > Picture and sound and it's the bottom one. It is also trying a retune of channels as a lot have moved during the FREEVIEW retune. As before but TV channels instead of picture and sound.

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I have exactly the same problem. I had a new aerial fitted and tested. If i plug aerial into TV it workls brilliantly. If i plug into Talk Talk TV box, HD is perfect but standard channels the picture breaks up but worse in the evening than in the day!! Any ideas driving me made swapping aerial in and out. CAtchup works fine through Talk Talk box so very strange



Support Team
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I have now closed the complaint for you.





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