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OK so I've had Talk Talk Broadband which is OK. But having issues with the TV, we had an engineer out last Thursday 25th Feb to Install the TV box & the Multi room the engineer tried to connect it with the plug in method using the electrical ring main as wi-fi reception, I explained to him that this would not work as the router was on a separate stand alone power supply which went straight back to the distribution board.

He then tried to connect it to our network switch via a patch cable, but when he did this we could not download any emails or web pages....

But when the patch cable was disconnected both emails & web pages downloaded instantly, at this point the engineer said that he could not carry out the installation, as he had many appointments to carry out that day, he then disconnected all the TV boxes & left. 

I had to take a day off work to be home for this appointment, I was not happy.

I spoke with Talk Talk on Friday 26th Feb 7 & was on the phone again for another hour, trying to explain what had happened, they said that an engineer would be with me on the Saturday to sort & connect the boxes. Yes an engineer came out, but he was from BT openreach and explained that there was a problem that had been reported with the broadband line not working correctly and that he did not have the TV boxes, I explained to him that the broadband was working fine and that it was the TV I had a problem with. 

So again last night I called Talk Talk, I was on the phone for over an hour, and was also on an online chat, I was passed from one department to an another trying to explain my situation with regards the TV, I'm beginning to wish Id stayed with SKY. 

Anyway, I have an engineer coming on Friday 5th March between the hours of 7AM & 9AM to hopefully install my TV. 

Has anyone else experienced these kind of issues?? Is the TV any good?? As we seem to be trialists of this service...